Visor cap

Unlike a wide-brimmed hat, a visor cap keeps the sun out while allowing your head to breathe. It's ideal for relaxing at the beach and practicing your favorite sports, such as running, cycling, yoga and more.

From the classic cap-less model to the closed golf, baseball or ribbon version, the visor caps in the collection come in a variety of shapes. Discover our selection of men's, women's and unisex products.

Visor cap collection

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An elegant accessory

The visor is a real fashion accessory for the summer. Just as trendy on the beach as in the city, the women's visor evokes the beautiful days ahead. Easier to wear than a large hat, this visor is perfect for hot weather

Available without a cap or with a cap shape, it will add the finishing touch to any look. It's also a way to highlight a hairstyle with hair attached like a ponytail or bun without it getting in the way. It is also very practical for people with curly or frizzy hair that is quite voluminous

Practical for sports

The visor has been adopted by many sportswomen such as tennis players. Indeed, subject to the sun and its rays, the visor cap is very useful to protect the face. Lightweight, it is also designed not to disturb the wearer

It will prove very useful when you practice your favourite sport. Available in light and comfortable models, most sports visors are available in materials such as cotton, acrylic or polyester to let your head breathe, even during effort. Available in one size and with an elastic band at the back, this is an accessory that fits everyone

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