Akubra - The Australian hat icon

Created in 1870 by B.Dunkerley in Australia, the Akubra brand offers hats typical of theAustralian outback. This hat factory is the only one to control the entire production chain, all made by its own craftsmen

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Akubra, the Australian hat icon

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Akubra - Australian quality

Akubra® offers high quality hats made in Australia since the early 1900s. It was Arthur P. Stewart who developed a hat to meet the needs of Australians.

Building on its worldwide success for more than a century, AKUBRA has become the generic word for a australian felt hat. Lhe Akubra models stand the test of life for the day-to-day management of livestock farms

Our hat shop offers you a wide range of Akubra hats in various styles such as the Snowy River, the Stylmaster....

AKUBRA: this is what AKUBRA calls "The AKUBRA legend"

The AKUBRA Legend - In 1870, immigrant B. Dunkerley founded a hat factory. He invented the rabbit skin processing machine that isolated the down needed to make felt. In 1918, the company expands into larger premises and increases production. It is then that the AKUBRA brand is born. The company then wins important contracts with the State, in particular to equip the soldiers of the two World Wars. AKUBRA respects the traditional values that make its success, but also uses modern and sophisticated techniques. AKUBRA is one of the only hatters to master the entire chain of making a rabbit hair felt hat: from the rabbit skin to the finished product. The whole process is carried out by its own craftsmen.

The brand has always remained at the forefront of fashion, and AKUBRA has become the generic name for an Australian felt hat.

For more than a century, AKUBRA has been styling the heads of leaders and celebrities. Appreciated and recognized worldwide, AKUBRA is proud to maintain its great tradition of quality and to promote its unique Australian style.

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