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The Dutchman Bart Koene set up his business in the summer of 1986 during an internship in France. To keep himself busy Bart started making his own bathing shorts which he then sold in Saint-Tropez, arranged on a simple bamboo branch. This humble beginning laid the foundations for what the company is today: a trendy brand of accessories established internationally.

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From his home in the heart of Amsterdam, Barts has taken great care to ensure that the winter accessories are handmade, making sure that the collections offer original, aesthetically pleasing and stylish products. Each style was designed in Amsterdam with passion and attention to detail, using high quality materials. Each year the collection grows and becomes bigger, better and prettier than the previous one.

Although Barts is growing year after year, the brand does not deviate from the original dream of its founder: to have a concentrated and balanced brand. Customers remain loyal to the brand because it has been able to remain authentic and true to its philosophy: to offer the best collections even if it grows year after year.

Hats for all circumstances!

The Dutch brand Barts focuses on accessories that are easy to wear every day and very comfortable. Their hats therefore follow the same guideline and are available in many different shapes, colours and materials. Whether for trilby, traveller or floppy hat fans, there is something for everyone

A colourful, original and trendy design that appeals to the greatest number of people. Small or large, there will be enough to satisfy all desires! This brand also offers very young and friendly hats at interesting prices, enough to make many gifts or to dress all the heads of the family. Each season has its own hat, so treat yourself!

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Stylish hats for everyone

Many choices of hats await you. So don't wait any longer and go for it before it's too late! Men, women or children, don't worry, everyone will be satisfied!

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