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Men's hat : trend, retro, modern, noble ... and all occasions. 

A selection of men's hats but also caps, berets, toques, beanies, and trapper-hats. Even if headgear exist since the dawn of time, nowadays it's not easy to find an hatsat your size. The traclet's firm offers a wide range of headgears since hats to caps but also berets and beanies. Our headgears answer at yours needs in term of protection and also to more and more answer in trend term.
Daily, the moste wore headgear is cap or beret which permits to have a retro looj but it know also to be chic with theirs noble matters.
For a great occasion, you can choose an hat among diffrents forms (Trilby, Fedora, Player, Homburg ...). Winter is favourable to felt's hats but also to beanies, trapper-hats which permit to keep your head in the warm and stay tendency. In a practical aspect, caps are perfect owing to its various forms with Irsh, Gavroch, Army, and US caps ... .

For recalcitrant hat and cap, we can offer too other forms like the most simple : the beany. This headgear exist in different forms (long, short, with pompon ...) and needless to say in differents colours and matters which permit to wear it daily in winter and also in summer.


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