Men's hats: a hat for every look!

What better way tofinish off an outfit than with a hat?

Whateveryour style, there's always a hat to complement it, in winter or summer. Since ancient times, hats have evolved with the times and adapted to fashion. Now a veritable fashion accessory, hats come in a wide range of styles, some of them based on genuine craftsmanship.

At Chapellerie Traclet, we're proud to offer you a wide range of hats in all styles, to suit all budgets and seasons.

It'll be hard not to find the one that's just right for you!

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Men's hats : a trend an classical collection for your head

Men's hat are currently an headgear which is really practical to protect yourself from cold but also needless to say from sun in summer. 

An headgear adpated for all circumstances; beyond importance to cover your head to protect yourself from winter's humidity and cold, the hat is also an inescapable summer's headgear and have a trend fonction in your clothing. 
Your hat's form correspond to your univers, a form can convey diffrent appearances that's why Traclt's firm offer a navigation strating from hat's form. We offer too a large assortment (Trilby, Fedora, Bowler, Top hat, Cowboy, Traveller hat ...) in different clolours (bright or classical). The Borsalino have to advantage to be wore daily or special occasion like ceremonies. 

For winter's day you need a hat rahter warm made in wool, felt or in kashmir and lighter to escort yourself in the warmer summer's day. So in summer a bucket hat will escort yourself easily daily. Straw hats or in true panama matter will be appreciate for it lightness and it ease to wear. Hat is a perfect protection against the sunbeam owning to it have edge all around the hat. if you have some skin's problems we recomand you Tilley's brand. 

The traclet's firm offer many items with a lots of informations which will permit you to find and choose the hat which put the final touch to your look and will inssure his primary function protect your head against cold, wind, sunbeam ...

If you don't find an hat, we stay at your disposal and we will try to find one in our collection or produce it. You can join us at the 04 77 71 40 58 

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