Visorless cap

Visorless cap

Also known as miki breton or bonnet docker, the visorless cap is a trendy accessory. This vintage hat is halfway between a baseball cap with the visors removed and a bonnet. Breton miki hats are also very much in vogue.

It's back in the spotlight, offering effective protection from the sun and the cold in style. Some use it for sport, others for a fashionable casual look with the right clothes and shoes.

Discover the latest trends in peaked caps for men and women in our collection.

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Visorless cap

The cap is a must-have, but the visorless cap is uncommon and an easy replacement for a beanie. Buy the casquette sans visière, a style of bonnet cap without a visor and which doesn't cover the ears. For an equally stylish outfit, opt for the visorless cap. Somewhere between a beanie and a cap, it's an accessory that blends modernity with the current trend.

As practical to wear in summer as in winter depending on your desires, the visorless cap can be available in different materials such as cotton and linen for some during the summer season and wool, cashmere, etc., for others in winter.
It is also a headwear very popular with men in a streetwear style, but which is now increasingly adopted by women for its retro style.

This visorless cap can also be called a docker's cap or sailor's cap because of its history. Many brands are reinventing this accessory in this way, such as the French brand Béton Ciré or major brands like Stetson.

Visorless caps: fashionable vintage hats for men and women

Whether its origin comes from dockworkers or is a Breton sailor's root, the peaked cap remains a sure bet at the cutting edge of fashion. It appeals to men and women alike and slips safely into a bag. What's more, its size is adjustable thanks to a tab, just like the classic baseball cap. Already fashionable in the 90s in the cult film Léon or even Commandant Cousteau's reports, it's back with a bang on the fashion catwalks.

Like a hat, this accessory pairs easily with other garments such as trousers, T-shirts, jackets and even dresses. Depending on its colour, you can also coordinate it with your shoes, gloves or even your belt.

Maybe you'll dare the military trend with a black copy with an apparent logo combined with a camouflage jacket and trousers.

The visorless cap with adjustable tab combines protection and comfort

Very practical, the visorless cap slips on like a hat and moulds to the shape of the skull. A women's model is also suitable for men, and vice versa.

In fact, its adjustable size tab allows it to be adjusted for optimal comfort. This means that accessories like this stay firmly in place during sport or in windy conditions. You then benefit from effective protection against the cold and sun depending on the material.

As well as covering your head from the sun, this visorless baseball cap promotes clear vision unlike the usual visors. What's more, it makes it easier to wear glasses or a mask thanks to its decidedly short cut.

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