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King Apparel: English streetwear!

An English streetwear brand which combines innovative designs with the most diligent quality control

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King Apparel

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King Apparel - From humble beginnings to total success

In 2003, the story of the king Apparel brandThe first King Apparel collection, created by Tim and Tom from their respective bedrooms in East London.

The aim was to create an English streetwear brand by mixing the best of what the United States had to offer in this field. With a strong background in music, sports brands and design in general, the designers had a starting idea but a lack of funding. They were finally able to make their brand a reality with the help of the charity "The Prince's Trust"

Drawing day and night, even during their classes, the designers also used the small loan they may have had and the income from odd jobs to launch the first King Apparel collection in June 2003. This is where the climb to success begins

Working closely with young musicians King Apparel was soon spotted by headwear giants such as New Era and Starter with whom she was able to negotiate loyal deals

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