Duckbill cap

Duckbill or duckbill cap

The duckbill cap is a beret with an innovative accent!

Named after its shape, it will elegantly enhance your face. 

It's a flat cap with 8 ribs for a retro look that will delight nostalgic headwear fans. 

The curves of the duckbill cap follow the natural shape of the wearer's head, which is also found on 504 kangol or 507 shapes, baseball caps and the shape of traditional berets.

With a fabric close to the head and a domed, rigid shape, the duckbill beret is particularly popular with those looking for a delightful blend of sober fabrics and original shapes.


Morphological advice for the duckbill cap

The duckbill cap is the perfect headgear for those with a slim, rather long face, as it softens the profile and remains discreet compared to Hatteras shapes.

However, we don't particularly recommend this shape of cap for thin, round faces.

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Duckbill cap

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A profiled cap - the duckbill

The duckbill or duckbill cap is based on the flat cap but with a more advanced shape due to the shape of its visor and the Old school British look. This cap is ideal for all styles whether you want a dressy or casual cap. We offer a wide range of caps for men and women in various materials such as cotton, wool, leather, etc. to match your look.

The duck beak cap combines two shapes; the classic flat cap and the beret cap. The lines of the duckbill cap follow the natural shape of the head and follow it all the way up the skull. This is also found on baseball caps but the shape of their visor is integrated into the cap. The general appearance of the cap is reminiscent of the shape of a beret. The visor is therefore inside the cap; sewn inside and its domed shape is more or less rigid depending on the model, the duckbill cap therefore emphasizes the shape of the head and is particularly appreciated by those who are looking for a streamlined cap. This shape is a mix between sobriety and originality. Unlike the gavroche cap, it is the perfect model for those with a thin and rather long face: it softens the profile and remains discreet.

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