Heritage by Laulhère

Heritage by Laulhère - Laulhère - The french beret specialist

These days, Laulhère is the last historic factory of berets in France

Having a unique and exceptional heritage, the brand's mission is to protect and safeguard this priceless cultural heritage.

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Béret Paris Laine Merinos Corail - Heritage by Laulhère Béret Paris Laine Merinos Corail - Heritage by Laulhère
Heritage by Laulhère

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The beret: the emblematic French symbol!

It is at the foot of the Pyrenees that the history of the Laulhère brand begins, and has been going on for more than 170 years now.

The brand owes its reputation to a know-how that has been passed down from generation to generation and which has its roots in traditional craftsmanship. Since then, Laulhère has never stopped reinventing itself in a field that it masters more than perfectly because it is the specialist par excellence: the beret.

Its know-how has extended to women's berets with cuts that have become a must, such as the Parisian beret or the Seine beret. Symbolising pure elegance, this characteristic is found in all its creations for men and women, in a wide range of materials and colours

In fact, you should know that the Basque beret is actually a Béarnais beret. The first people to wear it were the shepherds of the region, who knitted it with the wool of their animals, which they would later felted in the water of the gaves. A most remarkable head covering, it is resistant to all types of weather, be it sun, wind or rain

The name Basque beret apparently comes from Napoleon III who, while staying in Biarritz for the construction of a palace, was struck by this most curious headdress worn by his workers. Later on, the Basques, great travellers and experienced sailors effectively participated in the diffusion of the beret all over the world.

Laulhère berets are made in oloron which bought blancq-olibet, Laulhère remains the last French manufacturer going from thread to finished beret.

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