Isotoner - The chic accessory

Isotoner is the French reference brand for gloves, ballet slippers and umbrellas. With seriousness and know-how, it develops innovative, comfortable and stylish products.

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Isotoner, leader in chic accessories

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Isotoner - Everything to please

Isotoner is above all a succession of steps that have led to the success of the brand.

Originally, the brand was a monoproduct and became known for its production of gloves of remarkable quality. In just a few years, Isotoner has greatly diversified to become an essential accessory brand.

Today, the company is recognized as the undisputed leader in France in the glove, slipper and umbrella market. With a presence also developed in Europe and in the United States, Isonotoner relies on a unique know-how to distribute its now essential products.

Isotoner is also the inventor of the first stretchy gloves !

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