Hanna hats

The traditional Irish cap

Created in 1924 by David Hanna, the Hanna brand offers Irish caps made in the pure Irish tradition. Choose from a variety of wool and tweed caps, plain or coloured, checked or patchwork. Wear the "irish man" style for any occasion, summer or winter, for a classy and distinguished look!

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Hanna Hats, Irish Caps

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In 1924, David Hanna Snr. opened a small sewing business in Donegal Town, Ireland.

Due to the declining market in the field of tailor-made suits, the brand prefers to specialise in the manufacture of handmade hats and caps

The very first Hanna Hats was created in 1964 and it took four and a half hours of work! The famous headgear was then called the "Hanna Hat". The success of the company has continued to build on this success and has led to the company's current reputation

All Hanna Hats models are unique: cut and assembled by hand in the Donegal Town factory

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