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Our selection of top hats includes classic models in wool felt or hair, as well as more modern styles such as top hats in leather made in Australia, or in fabric. You'll find both great classics and original, atypical models in the details of our product sheets.

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Top of form hat: the classic by excellence!

The origin of this form of hat dates back to the time of the Consulate and Empire between 1800 and 1815, and became very widely democratized during the Romantic period from 1815 until 1840. The top of form was once a symbol of wealth for a man and testified to a higher social class. Today, it is an accessory representing chic in its ultimate form for assertive personalities in search of distinguished style. A symbol of chic and excellence, the top hat is an accessory frequently worn for special occasions such as weddings, certain shows or cabarets, or for equestrian dressage. In fact, hard rock guitarist Slash made it his signature hat, appearing in it at every concert.

All our top of form hat models for men and women

The top of form is a classic that will bring you an elegant and confident look. By composing your outfit with a top of form, you can play with styles and make an impression at ceremonies or social evenings. At Chapellerie Traclet, we offer you a wide choice of models so that you can find the hat that suits you best. What's more, we work with French and international manufacturers among the most recognized brands such as Wegener, Guerra or Ponse, to offer you a quality product.

An elegant hat for your social outings

In the past, the shaped hat was used as a symbol of wealth and higher social class. Today, this headgear represents elegance and good taste. By choosing to wear a top of form, you'll be asserting a neat, refined style. What's more, the top of form will bring a new dimension to your outfit, allowing you to play with cuts and genders.

To give you a confident look, the top of form will be your best ally. So we advise you to wear this hat at weddings, ceremonies or any other social outing. A top of form isn't worn every day, but it's essential for special occasions. It allows you to stand out from the crowd with a sophisticated, elegant and assertive style. Chapellerie Traclet has many original models in its catalog to help you find the top of form that's right for you. So you can choose a top of form that suits your morphology. For a slimmer face, choose a hat that's lower and narrower. If your face is rounder, we recommend a taller, more imposing accessory. The shape to adopt varies from person to person.

A classic or colorful top hat

The top of form is a privileged accessory that you need to choose with care. So to help you find the model that suits your tastes and desires, Chapellerie Traclet offers a multitude of choices. To match your top of form to a suit or any other outfit, this headgear is available in black, white, brown, but also in blue or red. By choosing a brighter color, you'll give your style a refined yet original touch. If you already have a color in mind, don't hesitate to use the "colors" filter to save time in your search!

In our catalog, you'll find top of form in wool, fabric, silk, leather, straw as well as felt. A quality top of form must be able to protect you effectively from the cold while remaining comfortable to wear throughout an entire day. That's why we offer you a range of options from brands all over the world. If you're looking for a top of form at the best price, you'll find an affordable model at Chapellerie Traclet. Whether you're a man or a woman, you'll benefit from a solid item that will accompany you on every expedition. By choosing our hats, you take care of yourself with a resistant and elegant accessory. We deliver to mainland France and worldwide within 24 to 48 hours, so you can enjoy quality hats all year round.

About the top of form hat

The origin of the top of form, comes from country gentlemen who for the purpose of (admittedly rudimentary) protection in the event of a fall from horseback, had the brims of their hats narrowed and the height of the cap increased. A lace system was concealed inside the hat to hold it securely on their heads. From the 1810s onwards, the top of form evolved from a simple fashion novelty to a veritable symbol of the social status of the 19th-century bourgeoisie. Its uncommon height and imposing allure made the wearer seem taller and more elegant. The top of form hat symbolized social status, wealth and respectability. From 1870 onwards, they became smaller. By the end of the 19th century, it was still considered a symbol of distinction, and was even an integral part of the uniforms of police officers, letter carriers and the railway.

La Chapellerie Traclet has the undeniable advantage of working with numerous manufacturers in France, as well as internationally, including Wegener, Guerra and Ponse in Spain. Don't forget that top of form are also available in our Roanne and St Etienne boutiques, which means considerably reduced delivery times thanks to this proximity!

The Top of form - an ideal hat for a big event, but not only

This form of hat isn't necessarily easy to wear every day to the office or to the shops, but it's perfect for ceremonies such as weddings, bourgeois dandy events or even as a magician's hat, even if he prefers a floppy hat for his trick, models for the stage, shapes vary for that special occasion. For men and women.

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