Wool cap

Wool hat

A chef's blanket to keep your head warm, the woollen cap is the most suitable accessory to protect yourself from the cold. Beanie Stetson, Coal or Barts, our collection of beanie includes models with classic knit, large knit, to avoid allergies to wooly material, we propose models with fleece lining.

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The woollen cap

The woollen cap is a must have item for winter!

Both soft and warm, it brings a lot of style to an outfit.

Thanks to the different shapes of woolen caps that exist, you will always be able to find a cap that suits you!

The woollen cap to be well protected

Whether long or short, with or without tricks, the woollen cap remains a practical and pleasant model. Depending on the type of wool you choose, you can wear it in winter or mid-season. It is indeed preferable to choose a rather fine woollen fabric when the temperatures rise a little.

In spite of the thickness of some hats, wool always makes the hat malleable so that it is not too small

The woolen hat to always be well tuned!

The woollen cap has a great advantage, it matches many of your outfits. If you take a passable colour you can indeed wear it with a rather chic outfit, or a more sportswear outfit. But the hat can also be the colour touch of a dressing room. If you are used to wearing dark colours, coloured caps are very fashionable this year

Don't hesitate any longer, the woollen cap is a must-have model for winter, for men and women! In the city or in the mountains, this hat will be very adapted to your activities

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