Curved cap

The Curve cap: a fresh style in the sunshine

The trucker cap or the baseball cap have one thing in common, it's the curved shape of the visor. These models remain classic models , and practical in front of the sun, because they allow to protect it even when the sun is relatively low. The cap with the curved visor has other advantages, such as matching the shape of the faces, and highlighting the lines of the face

Vyou can also take advantage of our entire collection of caps.

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Curve cap - A variety of models

Our site offers a variety of models with rounded visors. The curve cap includes several brands such as Stetson or New era. These headgear can be adjustable or not, with a buckle, or with snap buttons. These models of curve caps are for men and women of all ages

These models are generally quite simple and their adjusted shape makes it easy to find a suitable outfit to wear with them. In the city, country or at the sea, the curve cap is welcome.

The caps made of cotton allow air to pass easily, so you can always keep your head cool.

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