Waxed Concrete

This French brand was created in 2013 by Amélie Le Roux.

The brand draws its inspiration from the city, the sea and travel, and intends to adorn the heads of urban pirates around the world by revisiting the Miki, or traditional docker, an authentic Breton sailor's hat

The idea came to Amélie from her grandfather in Quimper, who wore it in all weathers, both in the city and at sea. The miki then became the iconic piece of this young brand based in Paris.

Halfway between a hat and a cap, without a visor to avoid gales, ears free to listen to the sound of the waves. Miki Béton Ciré evolves, becomes unisex, timeless.

A top-of-the-range product, it is made in France by craftsmen hatters in noble and authentic materials.

For a few seasons now, Béton Ciré has been offering new forms of hats and caps with the desire to become an essential reference among headwear brands.

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Waxed Concrete

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Made in France know-how

Concerned about quality and authenticity, Béton Ciré has chosen a factory located in the south of France to have its hats made by real hatters

High quality accessories based on a real know-how. The brand's accessories are available in many colors and styles, but also in materials such as cotton, linen and wool to make accessories with beautiful finishes

A young and dynamic company

The Béton Ciré brand is above all a young and dynamic company that wishes to promote French products throughout the world

It puts forward trendy and modern accessories while preserving its values

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