English round cap

The domed English cap - A sobritish shape!

The English cap has a very narrow shape and is distinguished by its flat top, while the domed cap stands out for its naturally domed, rigid shape.

When you choose an English domed cap, you're guaranteed an elegant headgear that's always up to date! 

Timeless, it will elegantly highlight your facial features and match all your outfits. 

Adopt the British style with our models of English hats, for every occasion and every season!

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English domed cap: a timeless classic to sublimate your look

A true ode to English tradition, the domed cap has enjoyed constant success since its inception. With a shape perfectly suited to men's skulls, this hat from the early XXᵉ century adapts to many styles, adding a touch of understated elegance that always makes an impact. What's more, the varied materials of these products allow you to change models with the seasons for an incomparable look all year round. Chapellerie Traclet offers you a complete selection of brimmed English caps in cotton, tweed, leather, linen, denim, and more. A wide choice that guarantees you'll find the one that simply looks like you and enjoy quality tailoring with every order.

An elegant, timeless hat for all occasions

The domed English cap stands out from narrower or flatter models and adds a particularly stylish volume with a straight fall to the nape of the neck. An iconic and emblematic product, this unique hat quickly made a name for itself in working-class circles in the United States around the 1920s. A dazzling success that spread to other countries around the world in the years that followed.

Still today, the English domed cap for men is a must-have fashion accessory. Whether paired with a casual outfit with a leather fabric, or a three-piece suit with a tweed model, the English cap reveals your outfit with an important sense of refinement and elegance. It becomes one of your favourite pieces of wardrobe, and evolves with all your styles over the years, without ever becoming outdated. White, black, grey, green... Quality materials and cuts

Various and colourful materials to accompany your seasons

The Chapellerie Traclet has made a careful selection of various models of brimmed English caps to guarantee you a quality choice that meets all your expectations. With hats in leather, cotton, tweed, linen, but also wool and cashmere, you are sure to find the perfect model for you or to make an original gift to a man of your entourage. In just a few clicks, you'll find the perfect size and discover the English cap in the sleek, traditional lines of the top brands.

Summer and winter alike, you can therefore clearly display your styles with more or less colourful patterns and materials designed to give you the protection you need. In fact, Chapellerie Traclet also offers waterproof models so you don't have to compromise on your impeccable men's look in wet weather. Whatever your desires and needs, you are therefore guaranteed to find the domed English cap that meets all your expectations on our site.

The quality of major brands at the service of your styles

City Sport, Kangol, Doria 1905, Stetson, Guerra, Gottmann, etc. You'll find the biggest specialist brands on the Chapellerie Traclet website for impeccable quality finishes on your domed English cap. Once you've chosen the model you want, we'll deliver it within 24 to 72 hours, so you can enjoy your new men's fashion accessory straight away. A fast service and a careful delivery, just like our values work to always offer you an interesting stock, a large choice of sizes, and above all caps that will delight and sublimate you every day.

Complete your basket with a cap or hat for women or children, in a modern, elegant or vintage style, shapes and colours vary according to your desires: berets, peaked caps, peasant hats, women's hats...

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