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Feminine and trendy, we've got a thing for caps!

A timeless accessory, the cap is the most popular headgear among French women, who take pleasure in wearing it in a wide variety of circumstances. Available in a wide range of models and colors, caps can be adapted to any situation, combining practicality and design. Chapellerie Traclet presents its collection of women's caps, designed to complement your wardrobe with a modern touch that enhances your facial features. Here's everything you need to know about these items (price, color, materials) and our advice on how to make the right choice. With Chapellerie Traclet, you can rest assured that your purchase will be delivered with the utmost care.

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Women's caps: the history of a timeless accessory

First, we're going to highlight this must-have accessory, which has carved out a place for itself in our daily lives, whatever the season. A very fashionable look, a touch of color, essential accessories at a very reasonable price.

A little history

It was some centuries ago that caps began to make their appearance in Europe, and particularly in France. At the time, we were mainly talking about "gavroche" caps, worn by children in the capital. Thanks in part to Victor Hugo's novel, the cap quickly became a must-have accessory in France. From Les Misérables to the present day, this headgear has come a long way, eventually becoming a fashion asset, worn around the world.

Over the years, the cap has gradually become more feminine, offering models designed for women and no longer just for men. With more daring colors and more enhancing cuts, caps are then a perfectly mixed basic accessory, which will adapt to all styles with its wide range of hues and plain or printed fabrics.

A cap for all seasons

What makes the cap such a popular ally is, in particular, its versatility. In fact, the latter offers numerous advantages and can be worn through the seasons thanks to various and varied models in terms of shape, color or price. For summer, you'll find lightweight, breathable models in organic cotton to accompany you on all your adventures, while protecting you from the sun and keeping you cool. In winter, the milliner's shop offers wool caps to keep you as warm as a beanie, even at low temperatures. The women's cap can therefore be worn in all seasons, ranking it among the must-have wardrobe accessories.

Many uses

The cap has long carried with it a social significance and today belongs to the staple accessories mainly selected for their aesthetic appeal. A true fashion symbol, they are, today, worn in many contexts. However, they also highlight undeniable advantages for those who wear them.

First and foremost, the visor and crown of your cap provide effective protection from the sun. You'll be able to enjoy better visibility; a parameter appreciated by many team sportsmen and women, such as baseball players, golfers, and others. In winter, your cap can bring you a most appreciable feeling of warmth if you don't like wearing a beanie.

Finally, it's important to specify one last advantage of the women's cap: its practicality. Indeed, the latter will enable you to hold your hair back when you're practicing an outdoor sporting activity, such as running, hiking, or anything else. An essential ally in your wardrobe.

Women's cap description: the different models

In order to better understand these fashion items that give you a certain allure, we're going to highlight the women's cap and the different parts that make it up. Such an analysis will also enable you to better determine the type of cap that suits you.

1. The visor

First, we'll focus on the visor; the element that notably sets women's caps apart from other types of hats. Certainly the part presenting the greatest utility, the latter helps protect the eyes, and the whole face, from UV rays.

From one model to another, you'll notice that there are several visor models: the curved version and the flat version. What's more, the latter can also vary in length, material and color depending on the pieces presented. Looking for a sportier look? Choose a women's cap with a curved peak. More suited to streetwear, flat visors offer a distinct style that will harmonize with different clothing styles corresponding to your personality.

2. The crown

When talking about a cap, it's also inevitable to mention the crown; the element that will cover the entire head. Contrary to what you might think, there are several types of cap crown, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Here we briefly present the different options you'll find at Chapellerie Traclet.

  • The six-panel: the crown's six panels feature the same size for a perfectly symmetrical structure and a round cap; such as that offered by New Era brand models (Yankees or Dodgers).

  • The five-panel: quite distinct from other cap models, the five-panel crown features a front panel, two side panels and two over and back panels. This type of crown will only suit certain morphologies, as it will perfectly fit the shape of the head.

  • The classic: the classic model features a wider panel at the front, at visor level, and the other five are symmetrical on the rest of the crown.

  • The hybrid: a perfect blend of five and six panels, the hybrid crown is taking its first steps on the cap market.

  • The trucker: the trucker crown features several panels in "mesh" material, offering excellent breathability, most appreciated in summer.

3. The fastener

In your quest for the perfect women's cap, you'll also want to consider its fastening. We note several models, offering different practicality and aestheticism:

  • The snapback: composed of several plastic snaps, generally favored for sports.

  • The strapback: offering a strap as well as a buckle, allowing you to adjust your cap to your morphology.

  • The fitted: the crown doesn't include a fastening system, so it has to fit perfectly.

When you're looking for the ideal women's cap to go with your outfit, it's important to consider the various elements that make up the latter. This will enable you to enjoy an accessory ideally suited to your needs.

Choosing your women's cap according to your face shape

As with all types of hats, your choice will need to take your face shape into consideration, so that it can show you off to best advantage. Here we bring you a few tips for buying your women's cap, ensuring you find the right model for your morphology.

1. Women's caps for oval faces

Women with oval faces have a vast choice when it comes to their caps, since they'll be able to opt for the product of their choice. From more "classic" baseball caps to unstructured models, there are plenty of possibilities. To make the most of your style, avoid crowns that are too high.

2. Women's caps for round faces

Women with round faces can use a cap to bring a little structure to the face, which will know how to highlight them. Six-panel models or flat visors are the best choice. Depending on the style you want to adopt, adapt your choice of hat.


3. Women's caps for square faces

We're talking here about relatively symmetrical faces, featuring more pronounced angles to the forehead and jaw. A well-chosen cap will enable you to soften facial features, in particular by adding a little roundness. In fact, it's advisable to turn to cap models featuring a high crown.


4. Women's caps for rectangular faces

As with square shapes, women with rectangular faces will seek softness with a rather rounded cap. It's best to steer clear of high, structured models, which tend to elongate the face even more. In this case, unstructured baseball caps will prove optimal.

5. Women's caps for oblong faces

Similar to oval faces, the oblong is a soft shape, presenting few angles; a parameter to take into consideration when choosing your cap. It's advisable here to opt for a model with a curved visor, ideally destructured to make the pair.

6. Women's caps for diamond faces

We'd call diamond faces more pronounced features, especially around the cheekbones. Here we'll seek to soften the facial structure by choosing a cap featuring a curved visor, hugging the shape of the skull optimally.

7. Women's caps for triangular faces

We distinguish two types of triangular faces:

  • The triangular face points downwards: it's advisable to opt for rounded visors

  • The triangular face points upwards: favor structured caps with flat visors

What size women's cap to choose?

Once you've chosen the type of cap best suited to your face shape, it's also important to consider its size when making your purchase. Indeed, in order to offer you the best protection and look, the cap needs to fit snugly. To do this, you'll need to rely on two simple guidelines, which we present here.

First of all, it's worth noting that your cap is deemed too small when it can't be pushed all the way down on your head, regardless of the type of closure. Conversely, if you can slip a finger between your cap and your skull, then it's not your size.

On our Chapellerie Traclet website, we offer a detailed guide in which we help you measure your size accurately, ensuring you buy the model perfectly suited to your needs.

Online shopping for women's caps: an easy process with Chapellerie Traclet

Are you looking for the perfect women's cap? Chapellerie Traclet meets every one of your expectations with a wide range of products, as well as advantageous services on the agenda for your order and delivery.

Women's hats: a multitude of models at all prices

To meet your every expectation, Chapellerie Traclet strives to offer you a whole range of products to choose from. Every detail of your cap can be carefully selected; from the structure to the logo. New York cap, sports model, bob in jeans or organic cotton... Many possibilities are open to you with Chapellerie Traclet.

Online shopping made easy with Chapellerie Traclet

At Chapellerie Traclet, we make sure you enjoy the most pleasant shopping experience. In fact, in addition to the many products offered by our brand, we also offer you various advantageous services and benefits when you order online. These include fast delivery, so you can wear your beautiful women's cap in no time. What's more, you have 100 working days to exchange your product if it doesn't suit you after delivery. Don't wait any longer to make a selection in your basket and take advantage of sales and other benefits all year round.

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