Children's Chapka

The chapka: the ultimate protection against the cold for children!

The chapka is the trendy winter hat! Soft, warm and stylish, they're the perfect way to protect your child from the cold, whether boy or girl! Our Russian chapkas come in a range of materials, finishes and shapes, so you're sure to find the one that's just right for your child.

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Children's hats: Russian hats for girls, boys and babies

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The chapka: the traditional Russian hat for children

The Russians have understood how to protect themselves from the freezing cold that reigns in the northern regions: they use the ouchanka to keep their heads warm. The name "Ushanka" comes from the contraction of the word "ouchka" which means "ears" with the word "chapka". This hat is therefore characterized by its foldable parts that can cover the ears and the nape of the neck, or be tied at the top of the hat.

Once an emblem of power, this traditional Russian hat is now widely distributed in Eastern Europe and, for the past ten years, in France.

Discover our models for children, girls or boys, so that they too can have the best protection against the cold!

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