Every winter, a very special and instantly recognizable type of headwear makes a comeback: the beanie. Now available in a wide variety of styles and colors, the beanie is worn by people of all ages and genders. Would you like to give or treat yourself to an exceptional beanie?

Beanie collection for women and men

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With a wide variety of colors:

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The beanie for women and men, the fashion accessory against the cold but not only

Its long history points to its importance in the fashion industry. Based in Roanne, Chapellerie Traclet has specialized in the manufacture and sale of hats for over 100 years. From hats to berets, chapkas, bonnets and more, the store offers the widest choice of hats in France, thanks in particular to its online boutique, developed in 1995 and accessible to all. Our exacting standards and expertise are reflected in our top-quality products, as well as in our selection of top-brand items. We now reveal all the secrets of this timeless accessory, and give you all our advice on how to choose yours.

A brief history of the beanie

Its rounded shape conforms perfectly to the shape of the skull, covering the forehead and ears. In ancient times, the bonnet was already worn in different forms - the pilos and the petase, made of leather, felt or even straw. It is therefore the oldest known form of headgear. In France, the bonnet made its appearance in the XIIᵉ century, in the form of a white cap worn only by men, until the XVIIᵉ century. Thereafter, the bonnet was essentially associated with the peasant class, worn by adults and children alike, until the 1960s.

It is also important to recall the historical dimension of the bonnet, a symbol of freedom during the popular uprisings that occurred during the French Revolution through the Phrygian bonnet, easily recognizable thanks to its atypical shape and red color.

The bonnet we know today appeared at the beginning of the XXᵉ century, at a time when knitted garments were experiencing an unprecedented boom. The beanie then became an essential accessory for protection against the cold, in town and country, but also during winter sports vacations. Skis, wetsuit and beanie make up the perfect outfit to pull out every year!

An accessory combining style and practicality

As we've just mentioned, the beanie allows you to protect yourself from the cold and inclement weather during the winter season. By covering your entire skull, forehead and ears, it spares you the feeling of cold and damp that very often imposes itself on us for several months on end. In fact, when worn properly, the cap helps to keep your body warm, generally set at 37°; thermal qualities that greatly limit the risk of catching a cold or becoming infected with viral diseases.

In addition to its protective role, the beanie is a considerable asset to your winter style. Available in numerous models, you can own several to match each of your outfits. Flat, tasselled, ribbed or smooth, in bright or more sober colors: the beanie lets you finalize your outfit while providing an effective bulwark against sometimes extreme weather conditions.

The different styles of beanie

The beanie comes in a multitude of models, allowing you to adapt to every style and desire. To help you select the women's or men's beanie that's right for you, we take a detailed look at the different beanie styles.

The pom-pom beanie

This is probably the most popular and most worn beanie. Adults and children alike, everyone is seduced by the pompon beanie; classically shaped, it's topped with a fun pom-pom, usually made from wool or faux fur. The pom-pom can be in the same color as the rest of the hat, or in a different shade to create a whimsical, on-trend contrast. At Chapellerie Traclet's online boutique, we offer hats with pompons from the collections of brands Pipolaki, Le Drapo, but also from our own workshops.

The oversize beanie

Symbolizing a more urban style, the oversize beanie features a greater amount of material (merino wool, cotton, acrylic, etc.), allowing you to feel less tight or compressed around your head. What's more, the oversize beanie is particularly suitable when you're sporting an elaborate hairstyle, such as a sophisticated chignon; so it's less likely to come undone thanks to the volume offered by this type of beanie.

The cap hat

As its name suggests, the beanie cap combines the advantages of these two popular hat types, the bonnet and the cap. The standard shape of the beanie is combined with the indispensable visor of the cap, protecting you not only from the cold, but also from the sun's rays. An all-in-one accessory ideal for sunny days in the dead of winter!

The docker beanie

The docker beanie is so named for its shape, which echoes that of the headgear worn by dockers. The latter used to turn the edges of their caps inside out when their work was very physical. This little trick enabled them to evacuate heat and feel more comfortable. The docker cap therefore covers the skull and the top of the ears, and is particularly suited to slim faces. Moreover, this model is often found among fishermen.

The Peruvian cap

Also known as the "chulo", the Peruvian bonnet takes the shape of the traditional bonnet worn by the inhabitants of the Andes region. Now worn all over the world, the Peruvian bonnet seduces with its typical motifs and the comfort it provides, since it covers the entire skull and ears. You're perfectly covered and warm.

The toque

Although not strictly speaking a beanie, the toque is a declination of one. Generally made from fur or faux fur, the toque gives you a chic, elegant look that will bring a touch of refinement to all your outfits. An essential accessory for the arrival of the winter season!

The chapka

Here again, the chapka lies halfway between beanie and hat. Originating in Russian tradition, the chapka is also known as a trapper's hat, due to its popularity in cold, snowy regions. Both practical and stylish, the chapka offers you optimum protection against the rain thanks to its outer face made of waterproof material, but also against the cold thanks to its interior lined with fur or synthetic fur.


How to choose your beanie according to the shape of your face


It's decided, you want to be on the cutting edge of fashion every winter, so you want to treat yourself to a beanie. However, you should know that it's important to respect certain criteria, because not all beanie models are suitable for all faces. Indeed, every face is unique due to its features and morphology. So here are a few tips for selecting the ideal model, the one that will make you look your best and shine despite the cold and gray.

A round face

If your face is round, we recommend opting for a cap with a relatively large volume, and wearing it slightly to the side to avoid creating too much symmetry. Pom-pom hats and cap hats, in particular, are models perfectly suited to round faces.

A square face

In order to elongate your face, we advise you to avoid caps that are too wide. Instead, choose a model that "pulls" your face upwards, like the pom-pom hat or the long hat, for example.

Oval face

This is the most balanced face shape. As with jewelry, if you have an oval-shaped face, you're lucky enough to be able to wear any hat style you like. From pom-pom hats to toques, you have a wide choice of models that will enhance your physiognomy in all circumstances. Make the most of it!

A heart-shaped face

The heart-shaped face is distinguished by a pointed chin, broad forehead and pronounced cheekbones. For this type of face, it's ideal to opt for a cap with volume, featuring a pompom or other type of embellishment, or for an "ear" cap such as a chapka, which will perfectly cover the sides of your face and enhance your look.

What style of bonnet to choose?

After determining the type of bonnet that best suits your face shape, it's time to think about its style. Indeed, faced with the multitude of possibilities open to you in terms of details, colors and materials, it's sometimes difficult to find your way around and know which type of bonnet to choose. But don't panic! Drawing on our many years of experience and expertise, Traclet millinery now reveals the criteria you need to take into account to find the perfect beanie.

Your hair color

You don't necessarily think about it, yet the color of your hair has a major bearing on your choice of hat color. Certain shades work better together, creating a perfect aesthetic harmony. We recommend you follow these suggestions:

  • For blond hair, opt for pastel colors, but also burgundy red, fir green or denim blue.
  • For brown hair, opt for bright colors (red, orange, fuschia pink) or warm ones (mustard yellow, caramel, etc).
  • For red hair, bet on deep hues such as fir green or royal blue, but also on neutral colors like cream.

Of course, every hair has its own shades, so consider trying on the different models if you have the chance.

Your usual style

Like all your accessories, your bonnet should be in keeping with your style of dress. So, if you're into casual and urban fashion, the oversize beanie or docker beanie will fit in perfectly with your outfits. Prefer a sophisticated city look? Think toque or chapka. The more original, meanwhile, will prefer the Peruvian beanie, which can bring a touch of whimsy to every outfit, while practicality lovers will more readily opt for the cap beanie. Finally, you should know that the pom-pom beanie is a must-have piece that adapts to absolutely every style.

La Chapellerie Traclet: century-old expertise

Born in Roanne, in the Loire department, Chapellerie Traclet offers you the widest choice of hats in France. In our online boutique, you'll find hats in every color, style and material. Cotton, merino wool, ribbed knitwear, fleece: varied, mixed products to suit all your needs and desires. Sourced from a variety of well-known brands, but also from our own manufacturing workshops, the hats available on our site protect you from the winter cold while completing your outfit with simplicity.


Do you want a different type of headwear? Browse the various categories on our site and discover all the hats, caps, berets and more at fair prices, aimed at adults and children alike. Unisex or not, you're sure to find the hat you need with Chapellerie Traclet.

How to care for your bonnet

To keep your bonnet in good condition for as long as possible, regular maintenance is highly recommended. Wearing a beanie during the winter season can lead to the appearance of dirt on the fabric, due to pollution, weather conditions, but also to the sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands present under your scalp. It's therefore a good idea to take care of your accessory, in order to limit the effects of these external aggressions.

As with your clothes, it's important to check the composition of your cap before determining the optimal way to clean it. Indeed, a wool beanie and a beanie made of cotton or composed of elastane will not withstand the same washing process. So take the time to check the label on your beanie, which usually indicates the preferred cleaning method. While some hats can be machine-washed in special cycles, others prefer to be hand-washed to keep them looking as good as new. If this precaution represents an additional time-saver, it nevertheless allows you to keep and wear your bonnet much longer.

If you decide to wash your beanie by hand, use soapy water, without harsh products. Soak the bonnet, then wring it out gently and dab with a towel. Then let it air dry to preserve all the fiber quality of its materials.

A timeless accessory, the beanie is sure to find its place in your winter wardrobe. Need a quality beanie at the best price? Discover without delay the selection of men's hats, women's hats or children's hats, offered by Chapellerie Traclet!

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