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Leather hats for men and women

Here you'll find leather hats in a variety of styles, with or without brim: trilby, Australian hat, cap... Leather always guarantees noble,high-quality headgear. Sturdy, it's an accessory you'll keep for a long time! A leather hat is resistant, often waterproof and durable. A leather hat is here to stay. It's one of the most rain- and sun-resistant hats on the market.

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The Jacaru brand offers many traveller and western hats, as well as many other variations in its product range. Well-known brands such as Bugatti, Roeckl, Stetson or Traclet work wonders with leather and will give your winter a different look. There's something for every taste and every head.

Leather hats are therefore more resistant and longer-lasting than fabric hats. Leather requires little or no maintenance. It's easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Be careful, though.

Beware, however, that their appearance may change over time. Indeed, leather is a material that develops a patina, and shades may lighten slightly with sunlight. However, this gives your leather hat a unique vintage look. Leather-loving users will appreciate this patina that will form over time.

The hatter's advice is not to leave your leather hat behind a car transom or on a radiator. The former will cause the color to fade, and the radiator will cause your leather hat to shrink.

Leather hat - cap beanie and beret

Leather hats are available for both men and women, and their main quality is their resistance, but they can also be folded. It's a material that's pleasant to the touch, bringing a certain class to your outfit.

The leather hat is mostly Australian but not only. the Australian hat is often made of cowhide or cowhide but also Australian leather. The jacaru hat is the best-known Australian hat, but there's also the Barmah brand, Stetson...

Aside from leather hats, there are also leather berets or the leather bonnet. For car drivers, the convertible cap or leather car helmet is often recommended.

Leather hats are also available in a variety of colors.

Leather hats often come in black but also brown, beige, and new colors are arriving like burgundy, blue.... As with leather clothing. They come in a wide variety of shapes: pork pie, cap, rodeo, top hat... The height of the cap depends on the shape you choose for your leather hat. Leather hats can be worn in all seasons, while sailors will appreciate the elegant sailor's cap in cotton and leather

Leather hat brands: Jacaru, Em partners, Barmah, Stetson... Remember to check the size of your head size on our lgine boutique website before sliding your final choice into your basket.

Cleaning: washing forbidden, annual maintenance with a nourishing colorless cream for its protection. This is the pure basis to keep your leather hat for a long time without fear of damaging it.

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