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An emblematic symbol of France, the beret is back in the spotlight as an essential, typically French fashion accessory. From woollen berets to cotton berets, the beret will accompany your child anywhere, anytime, any season!

Children's beret collection

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Children's berets: all our models to satisfy boys and girls

If you're looking for a comfortable, elegant hat that keeps your child's head warm, turn to our many beret models. Chapellerie Traclet offers berets for little boys and girls in all shapes and colors. From wool berets to cotton berets, they'll dress your child for all his adventures and in all weathers, whatever the season.

The child's beret: a classic and practical accessory

The beret is a typical French hat that adorns the heads of adults and children alike. Known in particular for its Basque style, the beret comes in a multitude of shapes and colors. From the most original to the simplest, Chapellerie Traclet offers berets to suit all tastes and styles. Among our selection of top-quality brands, you're sure to find the model that will enchant your little boy or girl.

Both practical and comfortable, children's berets will style girls and boys for irresistible style. The Basque beret will be your child's favorite accessory. Made in France, they are suitable for children aged 6 to 13. We've selected models in cotton, felt, wool and even leather to meet your every need. In addition to classic Basque berets, Chapellerie Traclet's catalog includes Campan berets and cap berets in simple, striped or brightly colored patterns. This hat will protect your child throughout the seasons while matching all your child's outfits for a cracking look.

A seasonal, quality hat selected by Chapellerie Traclet

The beret is the perfect alternative to the wool cap for your child. Practical, warm and comfortable, this headgear is perfectly suited to the activities and daily life of your little girl or boy. This accessory will accompany your offspring throughout the autumn/winter season. Most often made from wool, this hat will keep your child warm and regulate perspiration, ensuring even greater comfort. Your Chapellerie Traclet also designs and manufactures its own children's berets to ensure you get the best value for money.

At Chapellerie Traclet, we select quality berets for you to offer a great choice of children's hats at the best price. The Basque hat you wish to offer your child must be chosen with care. As a first step, make sure you select an accessory in the right size. To help you in your selection, we offer a 100-working-day return service for your hat. This way, we give you time to try on your beret so that it fits your child perfectly. What's more, your order will be dispatched within 24 to 48 hours. Feel free to browse through our wide selection of children's berets, you're sure to find one that suits your child, whatever your budget.

Chapellerie Traclet: the beret experts!

For over a hundred years, we've been meticulously selecting what we think is best in terms of berets, and at the best quality-price ratio. In fact, we have our own collection of Traclet berets! In the wide selection of children's berets we can offer, you're sure to find one to suit your child, whatever your budget: from the leather Torpedo beret to the more trendy and modern berets, via the traditional Laulhère berets.

Accessory essential to a Cub Scout's outfit, the beret will also be worn every day on little heads, whether for scouts or not. So Frenchy, the children's beret also comes in a wide range of materials and colors for toddlers! A mixed headgear that will appeal to girls and boys alike, from ages 6 to 13.

An accessory we also offer of French manufacture and quality!

We also offer a wide choice in terms of materials (cotton, wool, leather ...) to protect your child whatever the season!

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