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The men's beanie: effective protection against the cold

In recent years, the men's beanie has become a veritable fashion accessory for the winter seasons, but also beyond.

Today, the beanie is no longer confined to the ski slopes and is also worn in more urban environments. With temperatures dropping, covering your head with a beanie is particularly recommended, as it protects you from the cold and wind. More than just thermal insulation that keeps you warm, this product also lets you assert your style and let your personality speak for itself through an accessory that won't go unnoticed.

The beanie: from historical symbolism to today's fashion

Becoming a fashion accessory in its own right only recently, the beanie has actually been worn by men since ancient times. Originally, the men's beanie didn't serve quite the same purpose as it does today, since it was primarily symbolic rather than aesthetic or practical. Through the ages and across borders, the beanie has been marked by very different histories. From what we now know, it's possible that the first accessories that can be likened to beanies date back to late Antiquity.

In Greek mythology, it's notably Ulysses who seems to be one of the first "men" to appear wearing an antique beanie, otherwise known as a "pilos". In ancient Greece, the pilos (or pileus) was a rather common headgear made of felt or leather, and Homer may have drawn inspiration from it for his Odyssey. The pilos, which can be seen on Greek statues erected in honor of Ulysses, was characterized by its high, pointed shape. A little later, the pilos was also used in ancient Rome by freed slaves. A symbol of freedom, the pilos then inspired the famous Phrygian caps characteristic of the Red Bonnet Revolt, then the French Revolution. Since 1789, a long road has been traveled before giving birth to the men's bonnet we all know today.

Why wear a men's beanie?

The men's beanie is an essential winter accessory. Whether it takes on an oversized or short shape, whether it's designed from wool or synthetic materials, the men's beanie can be worn for many reasons.

Coping with the cold with a men's beanie

First of all, this accessory essentially covers the head, warming it and limiting heat loss when it's cold outside. In fact, our body temperature is lower at our extremities, such as feet, hands and, of course, the head. Like socks or gloves, the men's beanie protects us from the unpleasant cold sensations that can affect our skulls and ears in autumn, spring and winter. By wearing a men's beanie, you can also cope with the cold wind, provided you opt for a truly covering model (very tight knits, thick cotton, etc.).

Affirm your style with a men's beanie

Whatever the season, the choice of beanie is also a matter of fashion. These days, the men's beanie is indeed used to assert one's style. Whether you adopt more of a casual, trendy or more streetstyle look in your daily routine, the beanie can prove to be the little finishing touch that makes all the difference. To find the right style of men's beanie, it's generally advisable to match the colors with those of your scarf or coat. Today, the safe bet is obviously still black, beige, grey or brown, but it can be interesting to wear a more pronounced color to touch on originality and stand out from the crowd.

In summer, the men's beanie is also a trend not to be missed. It can be an excellent alternative to a cap for protection from UV rays, while breaking dress codes sometimes deemed too rigid. This is particularly true of the "docker" style men's cap, made from cotton. Lightweight and very much in vogue, the men's docker beanie thus makes it possible to play with current summer trends and vary your wardrobe with less common headwear.

Find the men's beanie that suits you!

To meet the desires of every man, Chapellerie Traclet offers a wide choice of products. From the most up-to-date styles to the warmest hats for the winter season, these accessories come in a variety of materials, shapes and colors so that everyone can find the men's hat that's just right for him. To help you choose from our vast selection of quality hats, we invite you to discover with us the main styles of hats available in our online boutique. Whether for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, this miniguide should help you unearth the perfect piece!

1. Men's beanie with lapel

One of the hats for men and women that's easiest to wear every day, and match with your look, is probably the ribbed lapel beanie. This timeless model perfectly blends the classic style of a winter headgear with the chic of the lapel. What's more, the fold-over brim can be presented in different thicknesses for a casual style to suit your image and a controlled lined effect around the ears. Your Chapellerie Traclet online boutique offers the lapel beanie in a variety of colors and patterns so you can unearth one that will easily accompany you all winter long.

2. Men's beanie with pompon

Since around the 18ᵉ century, the pompom has adorned the beret of French sailors. Red in color, this would have three essential functions for the French Navy: to conceal the seams that meet at the top of the bonnet, to protect the sailor's head from impacts with the ship's ceiling, and to distinguish military ranks. In everyday life, the pom-pom on a bonnet has more than just an aesthetic function. The men's beanie with pompom is a must-have for the ski slopes, but not only. Today, it's possible to wear the pom-pom beanie in town when temperatures are verging on 0°C or negative, without doing any sport. Soft and refined, the pompom also adds a touch of originality to the silhouette while breaking up the plain color of the beanie.

3. Men's docker hat

Revived in recent years, the docker's beanie was first worn by port workers and sailors. Originating from the Breton coast, the docker's beanie is also known as the "sailor's beanie" or "maki beanie". With its full coverage, it provided effective protection from the damp cold and winter wind, without obstructing the vision of the seafaring worker. A little later, its history continued through the working classes, then punk rock bands. Today, the men's docker's beanie is an accessory with a lot of character, much appreciated by the fashion-conscious. Worn very close to the skull, with the cuff placed just above the ears, this men's beanie can get through all seasons without a care in the world.

4. Oversized men's beanie

For a casual look, the oversize beanie or "long" is today a classic. In keeping with current trends, the oversize men's beanie is worn backwards, deliberately baggy-style, but for the head. Already very much in vogue in the early 2000s, the oversize beanie has recently come back into the spotlight with certain soccer and music stars. This accessory is characterized in particular by a falling-back effect, typical of the long oversize effect.

How to choose the right men's beanie?

Like most items of clothing, several selection criteria can motivate the purchase of a beanie. Materials, look, technologies, level of thermal insulation, available sizes, value for money... To find the ideal men's beanie, it's essential to pay attention to these few characteristics. To help you make the right decision, we now present our list of the main distinguishing features.

1. Materials used

To begin with, the choice of a men's beanie can obviously be made via the materials it's made of. If you're looking for a cold-weather accessory, hats made from wool (cashmere, mohair, merino, etc.) and fleece are a must. For summer, on the other hand, it's best to opt for lighter, breathable materials like cotton, linen or polyester.

2. Beanie style

Also very important, if not paramount, the look of the beanie must succeed in pleasing you and reflecting your personality. For example, if you're more casual in your daily life, you might like the oversized men's beanie. Hairstyle can also have an impact on the choice of beanie style. For example, a man with long hair will probably prefer the beanie without lapels, while a man with curly or medium-length hair will lean more towards the long beanie to avoid flattening his hairstyle entirely.

3. Beanie options

It's worth noting that certain men's hats offered at Traclet also bank on technology. This is particularly true of the anti-wave beanie, which can be worn both day and night (for sleeping). The wifi network on your internet box, various antennas... our environment is now bathed in waves. Although the risks are not always proven, some powerful waves could nevertheless have an impact on the health of some people. To protect yourself from these potential dangers, you can wear an anti-wave beanie.

4. Cup size

The men's hats offered in our online store are sometimes available in several sizes, ranging from S to XL. To find out which size to choose, it's best to know your head size. If you'd like to measure it, but don't really know how to go about it, don't hesitate to consult our "Measuring my head size" guide available on our Chapellerie Traclet website. As you explore our catalog of men's beanie, however, you'll notice that most models are available in one size, which helps reduce hesitation.

Men's docker beanie, oversized beanie, anti-wave beanie... knitwear, ribbed lapels or materials

in soft cotton, men's beanies come in all styles and colors in the Traclet collection. Delivery is always within 24 to 72 hours for orders placed online. Don't wait any longer to take advantage of the excellent value for money offered by our beanie!

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