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Whether you're looking for a chic and elegant women's beanie, a trendy women's beanie, a branded women's beanie, a women's beanie without pom-poms, a women's black beanie, an original women's beanie... There's something for every taste and at every price, the Traclet selection is bound to contain the pretty, chic women's beanie that will make you melt!

Women's bonnet collection

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The Women's beanie, the art of combining business with pleasure

The women's beanie makes its appearance as soon as the first winter chill sets in... but the women's wool beanie has today become a true winter fashion accessory! That's why there are an infinite number of possible variations and versions in the trendy women's beanie. Our large range of women's hats will enable you to find the one or ones that are just right for you. All you need is a little colorful touch or a pretty pattern to make you a real snow queen!

Fashion women's beanie, the chic winter sports accessory

Thanks to its space-saving nature, both lightweight and warm, and thanks to its good fit, the women's beanie has become the favorite headwear during winter sports with the women's ski beanie. Its natural barrier will protect you from the cold, but also from wind and snow. With your ears toasty warm, especially with a women's beanie headband, you'll forget all about the chill that winter can bring. If you like useful, practical accessories, the women's beanie is for you! Whether it's a knit women's beanie, a trendy women's beanie 2023, or any other kind, it's bound to be a soft beanie, a lightweight beanie and space-saving, which will fit easily into the pockets of your ski suit.

Besides its practicality, the chic women's beanie that offers them the opportunity to look beautiful all the way to the top on the winter resorts! It's the hat of all possibilities and all extravagances thanks to its variable shape with women's short cap, women's long cap, women's pompom cap, women's stylish cap and to the multitude of patterns and colors, with bonnets femme rouge, burgundy women's beanie, black women's beanie, gray women's beanie, yellow women's beanie, beige women's beanie, blue women's beanie, white women's beanie and texture with wool women's beanie, cotton women's beanie, pompom women's fur beanie, thin women's beanie, that it can take! It's feminine in the blink of an eye: all you need is a little touch of color or a pretty pattern with fancy ski beanie to assert your femininity!

A winter beanie bursting with femininity!

The bonnet is also a bonnet for women a la mode that can quickly add the finishing touch to any look. Whether it's a colorful bonnet, a women's sequin cap, an original bonnet, coarse mesh, there will be something for every taste and desire!

Whether it's the trendy women's beanie 2016, the winter beanie 2018, the trendy women's beanie 2017, the trendy women's beanie 2019, there'll be something for everyone! So if you're having trouble making your choice here are a few ideas to guide you in your purchases!

For a casual style, we suggest models rather like the women's gray beanie, a must-have for your everyday wear, or,

The women's beanie cap is also very practical and easy to match with many outfits.

For a dressier style, we recommend wearing a chic beanie, such as a women's pompom beanie, a women's rhinestone beanie, a black pompom fur beanie, a chunky pompom fur beanie or the faux-fur pompom beanie.

You'll be able to find trendy colors like the women's mustard beanie, or pastel colors very much in fashion at the moment with notably the women's pink beanie, the women's green beanie, which appeal most. Otherwise, nude colors like the women's beige beanie, ecru beanie, camel beanie, women's brown beanie, are very easy-to-wear colors that have the advantage of going with everything!

If you like coordinated outfits, opt for the women's scarf and bonnet set, the safe bet for not having mismatched accessories! New, the women's 2 pompon beanie which is very fashionable right now! Or you can now change your beanie every day with the beanie featuring 3 different pom-poms, it's up to you to swap pom-poms according to your mood!

The advantage of the bonnet is that it's also available in many different materials, such as the woman's wool beanie, the woman's cashmere beanie, for winter and the woman's cotton beanie for this summer. And if you're on a budget to treat yourself, no worries, we have a wide selection of cheap women's hats!

A great choice of branded women's hats!

The women's winter beanie is the essential accessory for keeping warm and showing off your style on the slopes! At Traclet millinery we take you seriously by offering women's hats from brands with real know-how for bluffing results. Turn to cap specialists like Coal or Pipolaki, or prestigious milliners such as Stetson or Brixton. Are you more of a traditional beanie? You can choose between Capcho beanies handcrafted in Nepal or Savoyard beanies signed Le drapo! Finally, the Redeye caps offer a more urban look. All women's branded beanies are available on Traclet millinery's online beanie sale with women's NY beanie, women's eisbar eistar beanie, women's women's captcha beanie, women's columbia beanieand many more categories for warm days out.

If you can't find what you're looking for, you should know that we can also make original women's hats on request, in customized and unique shapes and colors in our Roannaise region. Just ask our team!

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Our practical tips

To unearth the ideal headwear from our collection, you'll need to observe several criteria. First of all, size is important so that your hat stays firmly in place and doesn't ride down on your face. Wearing a hat is an issue in its own right. Maintenance is also important, especially if you want to wear it every day and still look good. Here's how to avoid these little hassles:

Wearing your women's bonnet

The way you wear your bonnet mostly depends on the model you choose and its cut. Some hats don't cover the ears or neck, as is the case with Breton miki hats in particular. On the other hand, long hats, Peruvian hats and hats with pompons provide better coverage. Think fur, real or faux. The latter offers incomparable style and comfort!

Finding the right size

While some brands opt for one size fits all (among them Coal, Pipolaki or Traclet), others choose to vary sizes, most often offering S (52-53 cm head circumference), and even sometimes XS (50-51 cm), M and going up to XXL (62-63 cm). When choosing, bear in mind that not all manufacturers cut in the same way. An American hat, for example, will be slightly larger than a French model of the same size. This information should be taken into account in relation to your head size.

Maintaining your headdress

Carefully cleaning your bonnet will help it last longer. The first reflex is to read the label carefully to make sure of the right typical method to adopt. Woolen headwear, for example, fears the washing machine and much prefers lukewarm water and your hands. As with wool sweaters or cashmere scarves, choosing the right detergent is a real asset. To spin, simply press it gently into a towel, then leave it to dry flat. This way, you'll avoid any distortion. If you don't follow these instructions, your bonnet will warp and it's complicated to reverse once the warp has set in.

Why choose Traclet millinery for your women's beanie?

Our collection of hats is exceptional. Size, color, material, a wide selection of products is available in our stock. You're bound to find one that fits you perfectly. The brands and models that appeal most to women of taste are represented. Big knit beanie, black beret, cashmere scarf, fleece gloves, cap and many other products and accessories await you! You'll be all set to face the winter cold or start the mid-season.

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