Chauffeur cap

The chauffeur's cap 

In a completely retro vintage style, the chauffeur cap is an integral part of the uniform of the perfect private chauffeur.

So whether it's for work or just for a masquerade costume, come and discover the selection that Chapellerie Traclet has made for you. 

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The driver's cap: the perfect driver's accessory

Combined with a suit, the chauffeur's cap is indispensable in this kind of job. The chauffeur's cap will bring the professional touch to the outfit. You will be more credible by wearing a chauffeur's cap, be sure

This driver's cap is, whatever it is, can be worn in summer as well as in winter. You will find it in different materials, which adapt perfectly to the different seasons

In winter, you will find it in wool, so it will bring you softness and comfort. In addition, most driver's caps have a lightly satinized inner cap as well as an internal leather comfort band. But also a satin cap on the top, in order to bring elegance to the cap

Finish off your disguise with a driver's cap

Are you having a fancy dress party? And you have chosen to dress up as a valet or a hotel porter?

It is not a problem, it is certainly difficult to wear this kind of cap in everyday life, so for a disguised evening, the chauffeur's cap will do very well

It will accompany you during your wild evenings

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