Chapka Men

Chapkas for men, to combat the winter cold

The chapka is the trendy winter hat! Soft, warm and classy: the ushanka is definitely a cold-weather ally! In this section, we offer a hundred chapkas in a variety of materials and colors to suit every taste in headgear!

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Chapka Homme, Russian winter hat

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Chapka - a winter hat

In winter, don't let the cold weather surprise you! Get yourself a fur chapka and protect your head in style.

The chapka is a fur cap with flaps over the ears, which guarantees comfort and warmth

Fancy a useful and trendy chapka? Find all our chapkas on our online shop and in our hatteries in Roanne and Saint-Etienne

You will find a wide choice of fur chapka and leather chapka , including well-known brands such as Stetson.

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