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The cap, the essential accessory for men

Appearing at the beginning of the XIXᵉ century, the cap today is available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Worn by individuals from all social classes, the cap is a fashion accessory that is at once urban, sporty and chic, depending on its design. With over 100 years in business, Traclet, based in Roanne in the Loire region, offers a wide selection of hats and caps. Since 1995, Traclet's high-quality products have been available nationwide via its online boutique. Looking for a men's cap?

Discover our expert advice to help you learn more about this timeless headgear, and choose the model that's right for you.

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The cap, a headgear with many uses

In reality, the origins of the cap date back to the XVIᵉ century, in the United Kingdom. In order to boost the economy linked to the wool trade, a law required all men - with the exception of aristocrats and children under 6 - to wear a cap on Sundays, on pain of a fine. The cap was therefore first worn by the working classes, and was a veritable social marker. Subsequently, this type of hat was democratized and integrated into the uniforms of many professions, but remained associated with the working classes for many years. Alongside this, the cap also made an appearance in literary masterpieces, such as Victor Hugo's Misérables, or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes series.

Activities practiced by people from more affluent classes are gradually taking hold of this accessory. Indeed, many golf enthusiasts or pilots wear a cap (whose design is closer to today's baseball cap) on any occasion during these leisure times. Over the years, the cap has become an essential part of the sportsman's panoply, and tends to free itself from any social connotations. Today, caps are available in a wide range of versions, offering optimum protection against the sun's rays, as well as against rain and cold, depending on the material they're made from. Whatever your style and personality, you're sure to find the cap you need at Chapellerie Traclet.

The different models of men's cap: with visible peak

In order to give you a better view of the different models of men's caps we offer for sale, we've divided them into two categories. Discover now our men's caps with clearly visible visors.

The men's visor cap

As its name suggests, the men's visor cap features a wide visor to protect your eyes and face from the sun's rays. Fastened around the head, it leaves your skull free so you don't have to worry about hairstyles (especially for men with long hair). What's more, in hot weather, the visor cap allows your scalp to breathe, greatly limiting the risk of perspiration. That's why this model of cap is particularly popular with those who enjoy outdoor sporting activities.

The men's baseball cap

This is probably the most widespread cap model, among adults and children alike. Its casual, relaxed style matches all your outfits to give them an urban, unconventional touch. Generally speaking, the baseball cap for men is made from cotton and mesh at the back for added comfort in summer; moreover, it's available in numerous colors - from the most neutral (beige, white, black, gray, brown) to the fanciest. As part of a sporting activity or for everyday wear, the baseball cap can be worn whatever the weather conditions.

The Brooklin men's cap

Popularized by the Stetson brand, the men's Brooklin cap is distinguished by the presence of a small button on top, covered in the same fabric used on the entire headwear. Its slim shape and discreet volume make it ideal for slim faces. In linen, tweed or wool, the Brooklin men's cap accompanies you all year round, adapting to the climatic constraints of each season.

The Gavroche men's cap

Also known as the Irish cap, the Gavroche cap for men takes its name from the famous character in Victor Hugo's novel Les Misérables. This child of the Parisian streets wears a domed cap with a relatively wide visor. Whatever the material it's made from, the Gavroche men's cap adds a trendy touch to any outfit, thanks to its vintage allure. A timeless piece to wear on many occasions!

The men's valet cap

Very specific, the valet man's cap or driver's cap is often reserved for use by professionals in the sector. In this case, Chapellerie Traclet offers you high-quality models, made in France, composed of a main wool structure and a plastic chinstrap. The ideal accessory to represent your profession with dignity.

The Hatteras men's cap

Similar to the Gavroche cap, the Hatteras cap for men features six panels and a sewn-in visor. However, it is taller and less voluminous than the Gavroche. It originated in the USA, where it began to be worn from the 1930s-1940s. Often offered in herringbone patterns, it is also available in linen for your comfort in the heart of the summer season, but also in patterned fabrics that contrast with its classic design.

The eight-sided men's cap

As its name suggests, the 8-sided cap has 8 sides at its peak. Traditionally made from wool, it's also known as the Marseilles cap. The men's eight-sided cap is particularly worn in the south of France, whose culture it symbolizes.

The sailor man cap

On board your boat or to add a quirky yet elegant touch to your outfit, why not indulge in the sailor's cap? Available in a wide range of colors and designs in our online store, it provides optimum protection against the sun's ultraviolet rays, whichever model you select. A men's cap that combines style and practicality with subtlety.

The different models of men's cap: with (almost) invisible visor

Some men's cap models feature a very discreet visor, lending a very retro look to the wearer. Discover them now on our online store.

The duckbill men's cap

The duckbill cap (duckbill in English) is recognizable thanks to its elongated shape at the top, coming to subtly cover your head, protecting your entire face from any showers. Thanks to its elongated shape, this model of cap is best suited to long, slim faces.

The flat men's cap

Contrary to many received ideas, the flat cap - also known as the "beret-cap", is worn by all generations of men. Stemming from Irish tradition, it's generally made from wool or tweed, thick, warm fabrics to help workers combat the winter chill. Today, Chapellerie Traclet also offers linen models, for impeccable style all year round and for all occasions (weddings, birthdays, christenings, etc.).

The assets of Chapellerie Traclet

With its century-old know-how and experience, Chapellerie Traclet offers you a wide range of hats and men's caps, from its own production or from many other well-known brands in the sector. Stetson, Brixton, Jaxon & James: brands renowned for the quality of their products and the originality of their proposals. Find them on our online store to treat yourself to a trucker cap, a men's 9 forty NY cap in the colors of the Yankees, New York's baseball team, or a blank cap that will pair more easily with all your everyday or sports outfits.

After choosing your men's cap, would you like to acquire another type of hat? Chapellerie Traclet offers you the widest choice in France, with bonnets, berets, chapkas to cover your head and ears, but also toques to face the coldest periods. Products designed and selected for their high quality, offered in a wide variety of colors and materials: velvet, polyester, cotton, linen, wool, tweed, cashmere, leather and more. Perhaps you'll also fall for the Flexfit cap bag... A staple for carrying and protecting your favorite caps, this bag holds up to 6 accessories and takes up very little space in your dressing room.

To choose the men's hat or cap that suits you best, simply refer to your face shape and morphology. Then choose the size of your item, which you can determine after measuring your head circumference (feel free to consult our size guide at the bottom of the page). Once your order has been received by our team, we guarantee fast delivery, with shipping taking place an average of 48 hours after your order has been placed. Do you have a question, a problem or a return request? Don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail or via our online form.

How to care for your men's cap

In order to keep your men's cap long-lasting, regular maintenance is essential. However, you need to be careful about the methods and products you use. So, whatever the material your cap is made of, it's strongly recommended not to put it through the washing machine; a tumble-drum run would indeed risk damaging the fabric fibers.

Fill a basin with lukewarm water in which to soak your men's cap. Using a mild soap (Marseille soap, non-aggressive dishwashing liquid), gently scrub the entire fabric, insisting lightly on any stains and traces of dirt. Then rinse with clear water, dry gently with a clean towel and leave the men's cap to air-dry. If it's made of leather or wool, don't hesitate to place paper inside to let it regain its shape. Finally, avoid placing your cap near a heat source, which could damage the fabric.

Whichever model of men's cap you choose, this timeless, timeless accessory is sure to make you look wild and provide the essential finishing touch to your outfit. Baseball cap or snapback for a sportswear look, duckbill or flat cap for a vintage and British touch with undeniable charm, or the very trendy Gavroche cap... the many models from Chapellerie Traclet offer you multiple possibilities and invite you to embody the master word of the fashion universe: dare.

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