Cotton hat

Cotton hats, caps, berets and bonnets: a comfortable material

Cotton is a natural, vegetable fabric that grows on the surface of cotton seeds. If it's one of the most widely grown natural fibers in the world, it's not by chance. It's because cotton is soft and comfortable!

So dare to wear a cotton headgear, to stay cool and airy at all times!

The most common is the cotton beanie, often used as a night cap. You'll find it in its classic long cotton beanie version, but also in the classic cotton beanie, also made in France.

We also stock cotton caps and a wide range of cotton hats.

Cotton Hat Collection

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Cotton combines a maximum of advantages

Cotton withstands extreme heat (pay attention to the heat of the iron) without being deformed and while continuing to make your hat breathe. This is why a cotton hat will become a real asset during your outings under high heat in the wilderness as during a safari or in the desert. Especially since it is an excellent absorbent that will prevent you from dripping with sweat

Cotton is a very pleasant material to wear. Indeed, it is soft and if you take care to look at the advice of use and washing, you can be sure that you will be able to keep your cotton hat for a long time!

Of course, we offer you a multitude of cotton hat colours! For men or women, we have the right cotton hat for you!

Don't be afraid of the heat during a trip! Now you know where to find a cotton hat!

Cotton blend or organic cotton?

There are different types of cottons, one used with other products than cotton, the other made from 100% organic cotton.

Organic cotton is preferable for people who are allergic to certain substances

The cotton hat

Thanks to its soft and comfortable material, cotton is part of our everyday life. It can be found everywhere and even in hats

You can wear your cotton hat all year round and in all weathers. Indeed, the cotton hat has a great absorption force.
In addition, the cotton hat guarantees you comfort because it retains heat

So come and discover our wide choice of cotton hats of all kinds, from the most colourful to the most sober, with totally different styles

The cotton hat: the mattress

Thanks to our different cotton hats, you're sure to find what you're looking for.

A cotton hat fits everywhere and all the time. Whether in the city, with a classic cotton hat or, for example, when hiking in the mountains, with a Traveller-style hat

The cotton hat is the one for you, it adapts to all seasons, winter and summer, spring and autumn. Indeed, the cotton of the hat allows it to keep your head warm in winter and let it breathe in summer. But also on a rainy day, thanks to its absorbency, you can be sure that you will keep your head dry

All styles of cotton hats

We offer you a wide choice of cotton hats, essential to accompany you in your adventures. In the Indiana Jones style, we have the Traveller hat, with this one you will feel like an adventurer. But also, in a slightly more refined and elegant style, the Tribly hat will do very well

Wearable for all occasions, the cotton hat will satisfy your desires and become your best ally

Come and discover all the cotton hats we offer. There is something for every style!

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