Women's Beret

An emblematic symbol of France, the beret is back with a vengeance as amust-have fashionaccessory. Original and fashionable, the beret you're looking for is sure to be found in our wide range of women's berets! From woollen berets to cotton ones, we've got you covered, whatever the weather, whatever the season!

Women's beret collection

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The women's beret, timeless and trendy

The beret remains a value on is still considered a fashion hat for women. Moreover, the beret is usually made of wool but can also be made of knit as well as leather. For summer, the women's cotton beret is very comfortable for staying at home but also in hot weather.

On the other hand, the beret is produced in a wide range of colors from the traditional black beret, through the red beret, green, navy, grey, white, yellow, orange and also multi colors ...

The parisian beret for femme is still the sign of the French abroad as is the béret basque for men. It's the trendy hat for fashionistas.

With a beret, you can get a cap or also the béret cap by pushing it deep over your ears.

The women's beret, the accessory that's become trendy

The beret was originally worn by men only. It wasn't until the 1930s that it appeared in women's fashion and gradually established itself as a true fashion accessory. Now available in all shapes and with ever brighter colors, the beret has become a trendy and fashionable headgear increasingly worn by fashionable women.

It's an essential basic, summer or winter, that will sublimate your outfits!

The Chapellerie Traclet, experts in women's berets

For over a hundred years, we've been meticulously selecting what we think is best in terms of berets, at the best quality-price ratio. In fact, we have our own collection of Traclet berets! In the wide selection of feminine berets we offer, you're sure to find one to suit you, whatever your budget: Brixton berets, leather Torpedo berets, traditional Laulhère berets, trendy, modern berets with the perfect look... Wear on the side depending on your mood and the model in a classy or casual way.

We also offer a wide choice of colors and materials (cotton, wool, leather base ...) for your comfort, to accompany you in any season!

La Chapellerie Traclet or the widest choice of 100% French berets

The beret is known and recognized throughout the world as the emblematic headwear of the French, so it would be a shame not to benefit from the excellence of the know-how of our French milliners! That's why we offer you a very wide range of berets traditionally made in France.
To convince you of this, we invite you to discover the creations of one of the most prestigious manufacturers of berets, Laulhère : superb berets made from the finest raw materials for products of great elegance and quality in the Pyrénées Atlantiques.

Just add to your basket the women's beret you've fallen in love with from among our articles and models, some of which are French-made, and delivery is fast and meticulous.

These berets will make you the muse of French style!

The beret is also a chef's cover for women, we offer models for women, men and children.

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