Lapel cap

The hat with lapels

The hat with lapels became in a few years the hat to have in his wardrobe. In a slightly offbeat style, the lapel hat will accompany you throughout the winter days. And on top of that, you can be sure that you will keep your head warm.

So come and discover our wide collection of lapel hats.

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The lapel cup, the best ally

The lapel cup is a trendy and cosy accessory, so why not opt for this type of cup. The lapel cup fits everyone, regardless of the shape of your face. And most importantly, the lapel cup keeps your head warm in the cold winter weather.
Wearable by everyone, the lapel cap fits both hipster and sportswear lookers

The cap on the lapel, which you choose, must be adapted to the use you will make of it. So you will find a multitude of materials for lapel caps, whether it is wool, where the lapel cap will keep you incredibly warm. You can also find it in cotton, in this case the lapel cap will be light and in addition to that, it is wearable all year round. In addition, there are models in acrylic, which will give your hat an incomparable softness and thus give you maximum comfort. No more itchy cups

You will find a multitude of lapels in different colours, from the most sober, such as black, white or grey, to the most colourful for those who love colours. There are lapel cups, very colourful like blue, red or burgundy cups.

You can be sure that you will find what you are looking for on our site.

The lapel cup made by all brands

Many brands of ski caps do not necessarily have lapels.

But fortunately, the Barts or Brixton brand gives us the opportunity to offer you lapel caps in all colours. Trendy and more original lapel hats, one more original than the other. So take the plunge and let yourself be tempted by lapel cups that will suit you to wonders

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