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Straw hat: Practical and lightweight, you'll love the straw hat.

Straw hats are a must-have for summer, thanks to straw's light, airy texture. Shapes vary for greater or lesser coverage of the face, while the multitude of different colors adapts to every style and skin tone. Fashionable or more traditional? You'll find the straw hat that's just right for you, with over 400 straw hat models to choose from, at every price point!

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We present our prestigious selection of Straw Hats for men and women. This choice collection abounds with different shapes, colors and models for all styles, making it one of the most varied and diversified in France. A sure value!

We also offer the possibility of customizing some of our models according to your preferences depending on the range. Simply indicate the text of your choice, the embroidery color and the font when you place your order, and you'll get a unique hat that's 100% you.

Our models are designed to meet your every need.

Our models are designed to be unisex, but also more feminine models and others more masculine either with sizes ranging from child to adult and one-size-fits-all, to fit all types of morphology. Thanks to an adjustable waistband or sizing system, both men and women can find something to suit them in this collection dedicated to all those who want to add a touch of character to their wardrobe.

Our collection brings together all our hat models, some aimed more specifically at women and others men's straw hat, but nevertheless, it's up to you to choose the hat that suits you, without letting a style label be imposed on you. That's why we've decided to take a different approach and bring all the styles together on one page.

Among the most famous hat shapes, we offer the capeline, fedora, boater, trilby, cordobes, cap, and many more. They're all made from straw, using different varieties of natural fibers, which makes it possible to vary the hat's colors, stiffness, flexibility, and other characteristics.

Some of our models feature additional embellishments that give them a unique charm and will be perfect for completing any type of summer outfit, such as headband, ribbon, or straps. U, detail that makes the difference in a multicolored range that gives a vacation vibe all year round.

Most of our adult models come in international sizes from 55 to 61 cm, some with an adjustable internal drawstring at the cap for a personalized fit to suit your comfort. Finally, we have other models with smaller sizes like 52-53-54 and on the contrary larger ones 62,63,64 to fit all heads.

The straw hat combined with a pair of sunglasses is the ideal duo for optimum sun protection, not only during the hot summer weather, but all year round.

Wearing a hat is recommended in all seasons to protect you in part from the sun's harmful UV rays, which are not always visible. An anti uv range is also available for those looking for a hat that guarantees UV protection. Your straw hat will become your best ally.

Our collection will make it easy for you to find the hat style that's right for you, and so unearth the rare pearl that will complete your summer dressing room and fashion accessory panoply from among all the items available. We're aware that every occasion is a good one for wearing a braided hat, which is why we regularly update the models on offer to keep up with current trends as well as the more classic ones.

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Straw hat: the summer trend

Highly fashionable, the straw hat is a must-have!

Worn for centuries, it is now being brought back into fashion thanks to numerous hat brands.

Straw hats can come in a variety of forms: garden or colonial hats with shapes like the trilby, fedora, traveller, player.
You can also find Panama hats. These were much used by workers building the Panama Canal in 1881.

Ideal during your strolls in the countryside or in town, this headgear will ensure effective protection ,with elegance, against the sun and heat.
For ceremonies and special occasions, the straw hat also comes in more chic versions (Raphia, Panama...)

If we're particularly fond of straw, it's because it has the advantage of being a natural, lightweight and comfortable product, allowing heat insulation.

We offer a beautiful selection of straw hats to protect you from the sun by following summer trends!

But you still need to choose carefully and find the right straw hat for your head.
At Traclet we offer both choice on our boutique and expert advice on our blog to find the perfect hat and the kind you'll like.

Whether you're looking for a straw hat, Panama, raffia or paper (toyo), natural or colored, with a classic braid with a milliner's bow or more original, you'll find a quality straw hat,at every price. Women's hat and men's hat to suit your needs.

Don't forget to take your head circumference measurements, very useful when choosing a suitable straw hat!

Straw hat: care tips

The first tip for long-lasting straw hat? It's to choose a quality straw! To assess the quality of a straw hat we advise you to look at the fineness of the braiding: the finer the straw hat is braided the more resistant it will be! You'll find many models made in Italy offering the best value for money.

To maintain your straw hat, store it on its cap in a clean place and brush it from time to time with a hat brush or damp cloth. In the event of stains, we recommend cleaning your straw hat with special products that won't damage the straw, such as straw hat cleaner.

The straw hat, a cult hat...

The straw hat for men, women or children is an accessory that smells of the belle saison, vacations and sunny strolls in the heart of summer... Its varied shapes and the comfort it provides, make it a timeless accessory that is constantly on the front pages of the tabloids. Yellow or white, trimmed with decorative elements or a matching ribbon, it'll be up to you and your desires!

Where does the straw hat come from?

The straw hat has been present on every continent for centuries, and was already used in ancient times. It can be found on statuettes of Greek women wearing a round, wide-brimmed straw hat, known as a tholia. Later, in the Middle Ages, straw hats, also with wide brims, were worn mainly by peasants to protect themselves from the sun during sowing, gathering, haymaking and other activities. During the Renaissance, it became a mixed fashion accessory, very much in vogue at the court of kings...

Elegant women take hold of this hitherto popular hat. In the 19th century, ladies considered garden hats to be particularly elegant, vying for originality by embellishing them with ribbons and flowers. The 19th century also saw the arrival of the famous canotier, an essential style whose image remains linked to guinguettes, music hall and cycling.

How to braid a straw hat?

If you want to make your own straw hat it's likely to be very time-consuming and tedious. In fact, it's easier for people with basic sewing skills to make their own hats. If, however, you like a challenge, we recommend following some YouTube tutorials, in which you'll be shown how it's done. To begin with, we recommend that you opt for a raffia-type straw, which is softer and more malleable. Real straw, on the other hand, is much more difficult to work with, and only craftsmen are capable of braiding it without breaking it.

The art of straw hats...

In the 18th century, the painter Rubens dedicated a painting to it simply entitled "le chapeau de paille" (the straw hat), and the same would be true of Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun's "Autoportrait au chapeau de paille" (Self-portrait with straw hat). Vincent Van Gogh painted no fewer than 24 self-portraits in all, including 7 in which he wore a straw hat. Nor was Renoir the last to feature this headgear, notably in "La Fille au Chapeau de Paille", but also in numerous paintings depicting portraits of young women, popular balls or scenes of life.

The famous canotier, also painted by Renoir, has styled such famous figures as Maurice Chevalier, Gabrielle Chanel, Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn in the world of cinema, music hall and fashion. More recently, international actors such as Johnny Depp and Leonardo Di Caprio have worn it in some of their films. Not to be outdone by the ladies, Chloë Sevigny, Diane Kruger, Louise Roe and Jessica Alba have made it their hat of choice and are racking up the likes on Facebook...

Traclet straw hats

On our site you'll find some 412 straw hats at all prices, in all shapes, all colors and all brands, from Bailey, Stetson, Brixton... Adorned with ribbons, flowers or pearls, printed straw hats... Discover them and choose the one that will satisfy you.

The different kinds of straw:

  • Paper straw also known as toyo, made from fired straw and woven lime,
  • Raphia made from palm leaves,
  • Classic straw,
  • The Panama made with palm from Carludovica Palmata in Ecuador.

Straw headwear shapes:

  • Cloches,
  • Hats,
  • Capelines,
  • Ceremonial hats,
  • Trilby,
  • Player,
  • Panama...

The coarse grain of the weave ensures a cool feel even in summer, as the hat is airy. The different weaving styles are the result of know-how that has survived the ages without ever falling into oblivion. Straw hats are more in vogue than ever to dress up all your summer outfits while providing salvific shade in the bosom of summer. Its braided straw is perfect in all circumstances, for a sleek, flowing silhouette. Natural straw, raffia straw, hemp...

Let our online boutique seduce you with the charm, quality, comfort and lightness of straw hats. Its supple materials and elegant weave definitely make it the star hat of summer to be worn without moderation!

How to wear a straw hat?

In our opinion, there's no need to overdo it. Straw hats can be worn on the beach (ladies and gentlemen, be sure to take off your hat when you go swimming) or in the heart of Paris. This item has the advantage of being most often worn with a casual look while bringing a certain elegance.

As far as clothing is concerned, we recommend playing on simplicity with an everyday dress, and for men, summer pants and a t-shirt will do just as well.

For the hairstyle, we recommend, for example, leaving your hair natural when you wear your straw hat to the beach, and for the evening, don't hesitate to opt for more worked hairstyles, styled with a side braid for example. It will add the finishing touch to any look, and can be equally at home on a man's or a woman's head to their delight.

Pleasant on the skin, it will also provide effective protection against the sun thanks to its composition and wide edges, while keeping your head cool. And what's your opinion, practical for this summer no?

The straw hat: a must-have fashion accessory

For a walk on the beach, to enjoy the garden while protecting yourself from the sun or simply for style; the reasons to fall for the straw hat are numerous! Looking for a model to match your look? Chapellerie Traclet offers a wide variety of straw hats for men, women and children that will, every time, please every member of the family.

Straw hats in a variety of shapes for on-trend style

Lightweight and comfortable, the straw hat comes in a variety of shapes. Panama hats, trilby hats, boater hats and cape hats are among the must-haves. Cuts that guarantee a trendy styleand protect you perfectly from the sun. You'll find straw hats from numerous brands such as Stetson, Herman, Barts and others.

Whatever genre you're looking for, you'll have a choice of colors: beige, black, brown, pink or blue. A natural paper straw capeline or a traveller hat are perfect options if you're after a sober look. For something fancier, let yourself be tempted by a straw cowboy hat or a canotier. Many accessories are available on our online site.

Find the straw hat to suit your style

You're bound to find a straw hat to match your style among the models in our collection. Ideal for strolling along the beach, the capeline adds an elegant touch, while ensuring a natural and simple look. It comes in a range of colors (black, beige, pink, light brown) and can even be embellished with a fabric ribbon or braid for a touch of whimsy. Mixed shapes such as the boater, traveller, trilby or panamaare also popular for their trendy, sophisticated style.

A selection of straw hats for the whole family

Men, women and children; Chapellerie Traclet protects the heads of all family members! Discover our collection of straw hats and take advantage of our attractive prices on numerous models for all looks.

What kind of straw hat to choose for a man?

There's nothing like a straw hat to make the most of the sun while providing the best protection. Looking for a hat with a sober yet trendy style? We offer a wide selection of men's hats. You'll enjoy various cuts (boater, panama, fedora, trilby) and a wide range of colors (beige, brown, black, blue) to wear straight or a little askew.

Now you can find the perfect model for a stroll around town or to the beach! Opt for a beige Stetson trilby hat for a chic and trendy style. Go for the casual side of acurved straw cap for everyday wear. Choose according to your taste and budget.

A wide choice of straw hats for women

Many straw hat shapes are equally suitable for men and women. We're thinking in particular of the trilby, the panama or the boater. But you can alsobetting on the original style of the traveller shape or even the cowboy hat. Looking for a women's hat that's understated and elegant? Opt for a brown raffia fedora or a canotier trimmed with a beige ribbon. Barts, Bailey, Stetson, etc. You'll have a wide choice of branded straw hats to make your choice easier. And don't hesitate to check out our range of accessories: bag, belt, hat box, tights, socks...

A child's straw hat: the perfect solution for the beach

Are you looking for a child's hat? Would you like to find atrendy accessory for girls or boys? Discover our selection of straw hats for kids. A canotier will guarantee maximum comfort for the youngest. The white straw trilby, matched with a black ribbon, will be the perfect option if you want a hat with chic style for a ceremony or special occasion. Chic or casual atmosphere, the straw hat bends to all your requirements.

Some of our models are handmade, like the Capeline Latin Raphia - Traclet.

As well as being timeless, the straw hat has another advantage: that of being comfortable. This lightweight, wearable fashion accessory perfectly protects your head from the sun and asserts your personality. Take advantage of our attractive prices on many pieces and benefit from free delivery from 90 euros purchase! Fast, careful shipping.

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