English Bob

The English bobsleigh

The bob is back to its origins!

Originally the bobsleigh was worn by Irish farmers and fishermen. Indeed, at the time, the utility of the bob was purely practical because the bob was often made of wool felt or harris tweed, which protected them from the rain and so they kept their heads warm

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The English bobsleigh: since always

Indeed, the bob is given the English adjective because it was originally worn by Irish farmers and fishermen who wanted to carry themselves in the rain.
English bobs were made of wool felt or harris tweed, which gave these gentlemen the advantage of always keeping their heads warm and not getting wet. It was in the inter-war period that the English bob was democratized and was worn by many people all over the world

Most of the time you'll find the English bobsleigh in harris tweed, and you might think it's Sherlock Holmes' cap, but it's not. In the same style but not the same shape

The English bobsleigh: back in fashion

The English bob is a mix between the cap and the bob, since you will notice that the English bob has rather wide edges which will protect you from the sun and moreover its cap is rather high. By choosing a bobsleigh you can be sure that you will combine comfort and usefulness

Most often worn by fishermen, the English bobsleigh is back in fashionable colors as with the brand Atlantis which offers English bobsleigh completely trendy but you will also find classic English bobsleigh in tweed.

For men or women, the Chapellerie Traclet offers you a wide choice of English bobs that will make you feel "So British"

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