Felt Hair Hat

Wool felt hat - waterproof hat

The furry felt hat is made from rabbit hair, to protect against both rain and cold.

Numerous brands such as Borsalino, Akubra, Stetson, Guerra and Flechet make hair felt hats of recognized quality.

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Chapellerie Traclet has selected a range of felt hats for both men and women. 

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Hair felt is a symbol of luxury

Its quality and sophistication lies in its manufacturing process, which gives the hat an exceptional weather resistant quality. The rabbit felt hat is the Rolls of headwear!

The secret of the hair felt lies in its origin

A hat can be differentiated first of all by its shape, but its material is very important. More accessible than beaver hair, which is the highest quality hair, felt made from rabbit hair is much softer and, above all, more waterproof than wool felt, which is made from sheep hair. Come and discover the manufacturing process of hair felt.

Hair felt hats

This headgear are for both men and women, the rabbit felt hat embodies elegance. Your Chapellerie Traclet shop has a wide choice of felt hats. Historical brands such as Fléchet, Stetson, Borsalino are specialised in this type of headgear

The Borsalino hat shop is of a high quality of finish and is part of the Luxury in the Hat Shop.

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