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More than just an accessory for the winter season, the men's beret manages to appeal to all age groups thanks to its refined, traditional style. To pay tribute to this iconic flat hat, Chapellerie Traclet offers a wide selection of men's berets in its online catalog.

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Beret Homme : Achat En Ligne De Berets Pour Hommes - Chapellerie Traclet

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From the original Basque beret to the genuine alpine hunter's beret, there's no shortage of choice. It's up to you to find the men's beret that will best cover your head!

The difference between a beret and a cap is simply that a beret is round while a cap is more elongated with a visor.

Men's beret, a very masculine style between tradition and modernity

Military past, symbol of France abroad or a veritable cliché for others... the men's beret is an accessory that always knows how to make a statement. Repeatedly brought up to date by popular culture, the flat hat has stood the test of time while retaining the characteristics that made it such a huge success. Today, the men's beret comes in a variety of shapes and colors to satisfy all fashion and history buffs. Whether unisex or entirely masculine, the French beret can be worn and matched with modern or more classic clothing styles.

The men's beret: the history of an iconic French headgear

Today associated with French fashion, the béret homme actually has multiple origins. In France, the beret is thought to have originated in the Middle Ages, in the ancient province of Béarn. At that time, it was more the underprivileged classes who wore the men's wool beret, such as farmers and shepherds. It provided protection from the sun, rain and cold. At the same time, the men's beret has linked its history to that of French soldiers.

In fact, the beret became an essential part of a soldier's outfit as early as the 16ᵉ century. Paratroopers, legionnaires, aviators... many army corps have had the opportunity to wear the beret with a very specific color distinguishing them since that time. However, it is the chasseurs alpins who are most often associated with the beret, since one model still bears the name of this mountain troop. Airmen most often wear caps.


Besides its military past, the men's beret has also penetrated artistic spheres. Several famous painters, including Monet, Cézanne and Picasso, have covered their heads with men's berets. Over the centuries, it has also been worn by poets, singers and film actors. From shepherd's hat to chic fashion item, the men's beret has never ceased to reinvent itself to meet the demands of each era.

Why wear a men's beret?

Intemporal, the beret immediately brings elegance to a man or woman. To accompany a three-piece suit or an everyday ensemble, the beret is an accessory as practical as it is charming, usually available at excellent value for money.

A French style: the beret

In the first instance, adding a men's beret to your outfit will allow you to stand out through the choice of an assertive, out-of-the-ordinary style. Whatever your everyday style of dress, the men's beret is an item that will enable you to add an elegant French touch to your look of the moment.

By opting for a color that matches your personality and personal preferences (black, brown, red, etc.), the beret can accompany you throughout the winter season and beyond. Whether in the country or the city, the beret is one of those accessories that can be worn for all occasions with elegance.

If you're particularly fond of the vintage style showcased by the Shelby family in the Peaky Blinders series, then it's best to opt for a gray cap beret with the aim of echoing the famous Irish cap worn by these famous fictional gangsters. To maximize urban elegance, wear a suit jacket and shirt to enhance all the chic of the men's beret.

If you're more into casual looks, know that a beret can go perfectly with jeans and a simple t-shirt. By pairing it with a marinière, you can also have fun with the clichés of French elegance: a must-have (provided you leave the baguette aside)! All generations can find themselves in the beret.

Comfort for winter

The traditional men's felt beret is much more than a fashion accessory. What's more, it meets the needs you may encounter during autumn and winter. With the arrival of cold weather and the first sub-zero temperatures, the lined beret will help you cope with these difficult conditions. In fact, it's usually made from merino wool.

Recognized for being both a soft and warm material, merino wool will keep your head warm, without making you sweat. Thermoregulating and antibacterial, merino wool is particularly suitable for those who fear the rough, itchy fibers usually found in ordinary sheep's wool.

In its origins, the beret also served to cover the shepherd from the sun's rays and inclement weather. Today, there's nothing to stop you wearing the men's beret for these same reasons. Caution: remember, however, to check that the felted wool fibers are strong and tight enough to protect you effectively from cold wind or rain.

What style of men's beret should you choose for everyday wear?

Now that you know a little more about the history of the men's beret, we can take a closer look at the different styles of men's berets available from Traclet. Basque beret, cap beret, military beret... we'll help you find, thanks to this information, the one that best suits your expectations with this little roundup!"

The Basque beret for men

Mistakenly dubbed "the Basque beret", the felt galette actually originated in Béarn, not the Basque country. Today, the Basque beret designates a traditional model of beret distinguished by the following features: a cabillou on the top of the hat (the little tail on the beret), a "galette" shape and the use of thick felt. At Traclet, the Basque beret is designed by some of the greatest references in French berets, such as Elosegui or Laulhère ("Héritage" collection).

The men's cap beret

Less traditional than the Basque beret, the cap beret perfectly blends the shapes of a classic beret with that of a cap. By opting for such a product, you can either choose to wear it dandy-style, or prefer a much more casual look for your everyday wear. This particular model of men's beret features a short, flat peak that adds a definitively original touch to the beret. To enhance the originality of your look, don't hesitate to go for a patchwork or checked design.

The alpine hunter beret for men

To suit alpine hunters, the beret must provide a sufficient level of warmth with the aim of coping with the cold temperatures present at altitude. Also known as "tarte" or "crêpe", the alpine hunter's beret features a relatively large diameter (around 30 cm), wool knitting or high waterproofing. In keeping with tradition, mountain units always wear it tilted to the left, but there are no rules for civilians.

The men's military beret

Under this name, we can actually group a large number of berets: legionnaire beret, commando beret, parachutist beret and many more. In the broadest sense, the military beret stands out for its higher-than-average shape. Indeed, so as not to obstruct the vision of the professional on a mission, the men's military beret doesn't sink onto the head like you might with a traditional Basque beret. What's more, the colors chosen respect certain strict codes: green for the Foreign Legion, red for the French paratrooper and so on.

How to choose the right men's beret

To choose the beret model that suits you best from our wide selection of products offered at the best price, you can take into account several criteria: shape and style of the men's beret, materials used in its design, brand at origin or even size of the beret. Here are some of the most important criteria!

1. The shape and style of the men's beret

For starters, it's essential to choose a style of men's beret you like. Do you prefer berets that are worn "flat" or rather high on the head? Would you like a color that stands out or goes with any style of dress? Before making up your mind, it's essential to identify your personal preferences. In case of hesitation, the easiest thing to do is to opt for a traditional Basque model, as well as a neutral color like black or dark blue. Easy to wear, these berets for men will suit any look!

2. Materials

Once you know which style of men's beret to go for, you can then turn your attention to the materials that have been chosen for manufacture. At Traclet, these include: merino wool, cashmere, cotton, leather, felt, linen, virgin wool or fabric.

The choice of material should above all be made according to the environment in which you wish to wear your men's beret (winter or summer, wet or dry weather, etc.) and your expectations (softness, thickness, etc.). A cotton-only beret, for example, will be less warm than a wool model. If you're looking for a beret to accompany you all summer long, you'll want to go for the cotton men's beret.

3. Brands

To satisfy all our customers, Chapellerie Traclet manufactures its own berets with the aim of offering you the best value for money on the market. At the same time, our catalog also features the leading manufacturers of men's berets, with brands such as:

  • Elosegui: this internationally renowned benchmark has been imagining and designing all its berets in the Basque Country of Spain since 1858. Endowed with a unique know-how, the brand has preserved all the authenticity and quality of its first berets over the years.

  • Kopka: this German brand has been making luxury hats since the 1950s. It uses only noble materials such as merino wool, cotton and 100% cashmere.

  • Fléchet: born in Chazelles in 1859, this French brand of felt hats has renewed its product ranges in 2020, focusing more on retro-chic style.

  • Kangol: this British clothing and accessories brand is best known for its production of headgear for the army. Its beret, however, has essentially become known to the general public via popular culture (cinema, jazz, hip-hop, etc.).

  • Laulhère: since 1840, this historic house has been offering and making berets for men and women direct from southwest France. Laulhère blends French craftsmanship with industrial design, which has also earned it the prestigious EPV label.

Men's beret in tweed, cap beret in velvet, basque beret in wool or cotton... whatever style of beret you choose, Chapellerie Traclet always offers free delivery from 90 euros purchase on the site. Don't wait any longer to enjoy your favorite beret - it'll be delivered to your door in less than 72 hours!

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