Irish cap, it is a large cap; 8 ratings thick fabric to well protected from rain and cold.

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irish cap

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The traditional Irish cap

The Irish cap is simply unmovable and remains a chic cap. A men's cap, which is also found in women's models, to satisfy everyone

Every Irishman, or at least the vast majority of them, has one, from the peasant to the city dweller: such an institution that it seems immovable to Irish heads

This shape of cap is represented all over the place on old historical illustrations which could attest that it has been the headgear of the peasants for centuries. Traditionally Irish caps are handmade from tweed in County Donegal. These caps come in any shape you like, and indeed the Irish like to "break" the visor to give it the shape they want to wear it in any weather and for years to come. The Irish cap is an indestructible object: the Irish remains a solid cap and it will take many, many years to get rid of it!

The Irish cap is also called the Irish beret, originally made of wool with tweed; Irish caps are also available for the summer in cotton and also in a waterproof fabric in oiled cotton. It is also available in leather. Many Irish caps are made in Ireland but not only in Ireland, as Stetson also makes them

The traditional Irish cap is often equated with the patchwork cap but also with the tweed hat. Some ideas of Irish caps: the Scottish cap, the gavroche cap, the gavroche beret ...

A trendy and vintage cap

Today the Irish cap is very popular for its chic and modern look. Since the appearance of the BBC Peaky Blinders series, inspired by the gang of the same name, this cap shape is making a comeback. Worn by charismatic characters such as Thomas Shelby, it is almost impossible not to fall under the spell of this famous Irish cap

In the 19th century, as in the famous series, this men's cap was often given to 3-piece suits. The style was simple but very chic

Of course this cap is worn with a certain class, however, if suits are not your cup of tea, you can wear it with a more casual but equally elegant outfit, such as brown trousers, a sweater and a long coat. A chic and stylish look for any occasion!

Hanna Hats caps are typically the right ones for you! Made in the traditional way in Ireland, in the small town of Donegal, since 1924. These caps are renowned for the quality of Irish craftsmanship but also for the materials used such as Harris Tweed wool

Discover our selection of real Irish caps that will stand up to any weather! Made in Ireland.

If you're looking for a smaller cap, you have the hatteras shape or the flat cap.

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