Fishing and Hunting Hat

Fishing, hunting and outdoor hats

Over 200 hats and caps for activities such as fishing and hunting, so you can enjoy nature and the great outdoors to the full. These hats will help you cope with all weather conditions, so that your outings in the great outdoors are always a pure moment of pleasure.

Fisherman's or hunter's hat, choose the shape that suits you best from our range, with short or long brim.

Fisherman's or hunter's hat collection

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Men's fishing and hunting hat

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The hat keeps your head dry on rainy days. For this, it's best to choose oiled models or those made from Gore Tex. Of course, hats are also useful on sunny days. Straw or lightweight fabric hats keep your head out of the sun's harmful rays.

All our models of hunting hats and fishing hats

The hunting or fishing hat is an essential accessory in the equipment of any professional or amateur of these activities. It protects you from the sun or the cold, offering you all the comfort you need to enjoy a pleasant activity in the great outdoors. Discover quality hats from the Stetson and Hatland brands that will accompany you in your activity. Chapellerie Traclet's headwear specialists have selected for you men's and women's models from the best ranges on the market.

What hat to choose for your hunting or fishing activities?

To enjoy a good afternoon's hunting or fishing, you need to bring something to protect your head. Enjoy your activity with peace of mind thanks to a hat model that matches your tastes and needs. At Chapellerie Traclet, you'll find the headgear that's just right for you. Choose from our various bobs, bonnets, caps or traveller hats to suit any landscape.

Whether you're sheltered by trees, under the sun in the countryside or on a pond, covering your head from the sun's rays is an essential step. The wide variety of our hunting and fishing hats adapts to all seasons to protect you from too much sun exposure, light rain, or even wind.

Hats from the Chapellerie Traclet boutique let you cope with all weather conditions. Our models are treated with materials that offer you UV protection or protect you from the rain thanks to oiled cotton or Alcantara fabric. What's more, our hats come with features to suit your needs. Our berets, felt hats or bonnets let you cover your head from the cold, while our cotton bobs or caps shelter you from the sun while letting your scalp breathe.

Chapellerie Traclet: hats for all occasions, men and women

With a selection of over 200 hats for your outdoor hunting and fishing activities, Chapellerie Traclet offers you a varied choice of the best models to put in your basket. Our hunting and fishing hats are designed and manufactured by leading headwear brands. For both men and women, our caps, bobs, bonnets and adventure hats will accompany you into the wild (protection and/or camouflage). Generally rather sober in color, reproducing the look of nature, our hats are also available with more eccentric colors, in a more urban genre, but always in a modern and aesthetic style.


Whatever your desires, Chapellerie Traclet therefore enables you to find a trendy hat that will meet your expectations and needs. To complete your outfit, you can choose from a wide range of headgear shapes and models to suit you. Whether you're a man or a woman, you'll benefit from a solid item that accompanies you on every expedition. When you choose our hats, you're taking care of yourself with a hard-wearing, elegant accessory to make the most of your activities in the great outdoors.

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