Women's berets

Women's beret an headgear in numerous matter ( wool, coton, kashmir)

Online sell of women's beret  : in the Traclet's firm we think that berets are the ultimate touch you can bring to your style, as well for winter but also for spring and summer with coton design. Women's beret is more than a simple object to protect you from winter's cold, it is also a true trend accessory.  We can offer you various products : some classical berets generally made in angora wool but also some modern berets.

 At the begining, beret was wear by men and it is still an emblem of France internationally especially laulhères'brand. Le béret français (a french brand), have known how to transform it to give to this headgear a trendy appearance as wall to wear it in city or in contryside.

Then ladies, come to dicover  what kind of berets will put the final touch to your look. 

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Women's berets

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The women's beret, the accessory that's become a trend

The beret was originally worn by men only. It is only from the 1930's that it appeared in women's fashion and gradually became a real fashion accessories. Now available in all shapes and colours, the beret has become a headgear trendy and fashionable more and more worn by fashionable women.

It is an essential basic, in summer as in winter, which will sublimate your outfits!

La Chapellerie Traclet, expert in berets

For more than a hundred years, we have been meticulously selecting what we believe to be the best beret for the best value for money. We also have our own collection of Traclet berets! In the wide selection of women's berets that we offer, you are sure to find the one that suits you, whatever your budget: leather Torpedo berets, traditional Laulhère berets, trendy and modern berets...

We also offer a wide choice of materials (cotton, wool, leather ...) to accompany you in all seasons!

La Chapellerie Traclet or the widest choice of 100% French berets

The beret is known and recognized throughout the world as the emblematic headgear of the French, so it would be a shame not to benefit from the excellent know-how of our French hatteries! This is why we offer you a very wide range of berets traditionally made in France.
To convince you of this, we invite you to discover the creations of one of the most prestigious beret manufacturers, Laulhère: superb berets made from the best raw materials for products of great elegance and quality

These berets will make you the muse of the French style!

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