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Women's berets

Women's beret an headgear in numerous matter ( wool, coton, kashmir)

Online sell of women's beret  : in the Traclet's firm we think that berets are the ultimate touch you can bring to your style, as well for winter but also for spring and summer with coton design. Women's beret is more than a simple object to protect you from winter's cold, it is also a true trend accessory.  We can offer you various products : some classical berets generally made in angora wool but also some modern berets.

 At the begining, beret was wear by men and it is still an emblem of France internationally especially laulhères'brand. Le béret français (a french brand), have known how to transform it to give to this headgear a trendy appearance as wall to wear it in city or in contryside.

Then ladies, come to dicover  what kind of berets will put the final touch to your look. 

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