Trilby hat Carlos Santana

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Large size compared to French sizes. The chef's blanket is about 1 cm larger than indicated. For regulars of the Stetson brand, take the size of your old chef's blanket.

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Trilby hat Carlos Santana summer  straw for your beach holiday

Trilby hat Carlos Santana

Trilby shape with little edge and  drop, large grain black and brown fancy. Here's a trilby straw Toyo. Carlos Santana This hat has a classic edge down front and behind reading, trim is an interesting series of superpositions of two ribbons finished with spindle-shaped silver  guitar ..

About trilby hat

  • 100% straw hat
  • edge width 5.5 cm
  • skullcap of 10.5 cm
Data sheet
  • Height of hat 10 cm
  • Edge width 3.5 cm
  • Material Viscose
  • Shape Porkpie Hat
  • Brand Stetson
  • Shade Natural
  • Country of manufacture China
  • Washable Only the large inner grain (cold water and ammonia)
  • Season Summer
  • Size - Headsize S - M - L - XL
  • Gender Mixed
  • Amazon Broadcasting Yes