The chapka, the must have for winter !

Beret is to France what chapka is to Russia! The chapka is the traditional Russian hat which allows to cross the periods of great cold. This is why the chapka is the ultimate protection against the cold, protecting the entire head and ears, and allowing only the face to be seen. In reality, the word chapka simply means "hat", and if we want to be exact we must use the term ouchanka, which comes from the Russian ouchi meaning "ears". We can therefore find in its own name the main characteristic of this headgear: keeping the ears warm. Equipped with foldable parts intended to cover the nape of the neck and the ears, the chapka is very often made of fur and guarantees a perfect insulation against the cold

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The chapka is an increasingly popular accessory!

As we can see today, the chapka has become a real fashion accessory, which makes its appearance as soon as the first cold waves hit. The time when this headgear was reserved for the coldest countries is long gone! Today, the trend is to match your chapka to a chic look, whether for men or women, adults or children

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