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Men's caps

Men's Caps - Caps come back into fashion

This headgear allow you to keep your head in the warm in winter, and prtect you from sunbeam in summer. We offer you the traditional cap; caps in the spirit of the times but also for the unconditionals of the tradition.

Caps are part of headgears that men wear daily. On the one hand, they are pratical, adapted to current life; indeed a cap can be easily bend in a jacket or coat's pocket. Men can also wear it putting the visor lightly crooked or on the side or even entirely in the back like the traditionnal Kangol 504. It depends on your mood and the moment of the day.

Caps  at the effigy of big brands like Stetson - Borsalino - City sport - Kangol for men who rather identify themself to a brand or a specific style. That's why traclet's firm offer a large selection with some well known brands and also new one like Brixton, Bailley and our own brand. 

Beyond this need to look like stars or personality, mens have desire too join the world where they are. Like women, they are sensitive to trend and demand a trend cap like it is for the Hatteras ' form, Irsich an Gavroche cap.

Our caps are useful and functional to protect well your head with different matters (wool, coton, kashmir ...) with earmuffs for winter and neckmuff for summer. For a look much more sportswear, we recommend a cap with a flat visor or an army cap which aggre easily to a T-shirt.

Caps is an inescapable headgear and if you would like to preserve very well your health we recommand the Tilley's Brand. 

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