Trucker cap

Trucker cap

A true legend, this is the first traditional American cap. Equipped with a curved or flat and rigid visor, it was originally worn by baseball players. It is found on the heads of many rural workers as well as truckers (hence the name "trucker"). With its net on the back, it is a vintage model and THE baseball cap for baseball fans.

The trucker cap is also called the trucker cap. This trucker cap is worn a lot by truck drivers in the United States, it is the cap of American truckers.

This truck cap is often black, with a curved visor and a net or also called mesh. The trucker is ideal for summer because it lets perspiration and fresh air through.

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The Trucker New Era cap, vintage but trendy

There is a wide variety of caps in various shapes at New Era, but what they all have in common is that they all revolve around sport. Indeed, this brand is intimately linked to the great American baseball teams such as the Yankees or the Dodgers. This is the DNA of the New Era brand. These adjustable caps have been designed for athletes, for their protection and comfort.

The origins of the Trucker cap

This headgear, made of fabric, leather or synthetic materials, was first used as an advertising medium in the United States. Indeed, the Trucker cap was widely distributed by sales representatives to farmers or truckers to make themselves known, but also to ensure their presence on the market. Hence the name Trucker, which means trucker in English. Dealers were therefore distributing these Trucker caps, with their logos prominently displayed, to promote their brand across the country

Nowadays, the Trucker cap is still linked to prestigious baseball teams such as the Dodgers or the NY yankees. But it has also enjoyed a resurgence in popularity among young people since the early 2000's in terms of street style. First in the U.S.A., then in the rest of the world. It was at this time that American celebrities such as Aston Kutcher, Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake brought this cap back into fashion.

What are the special features of the Trucker cap?

The Trucker cap is easily recognizable by its curved visor as well as its net located at the back of the head for more comfort. It allows the scalp to breathe thanks to constant ventilation. Its snap band at the back allows you to adjust the cap according to your head size. Very trendy, the Trucker New Era cap can be combined with most styles: chic, sporty and urban. It is ideal for summer days or evenings for both men and women.

Our trendy Trucker cap range

Both chic and trendy, the Trucker cap is available in different colours, materials and brands:

The Trucker New Era cap

Bi-materials in fabric and cotton. Light, breathable and adjustable, the Trucker New Era cap is of superior quality. These caps are under official MLB (Major League Baseball) license and are available in blue, black, white and grey.

The Trucker Stetson capThe Trucker New Era cap is a very trendy model with green or navy blue graffiti patterns. But also very chic in red and blue cotton, with checks in tartan style or plain in beige cotton. Also discover on our site, the Trucker cap in leather with a very elegant topstitching.

The Trucker Brixton Cap2 mixed models in blue and white rigid textile with a large yellow and black or white and red label signed Brixton.

The Trucker Huf cap in cotton with a flat peak, is available in black or blue. It is both refined and very comfortable.

The French fans' cap in blue, white, red, this baseball cap will accompany you to all the important meetings!

The Trucker cap sold on our site is one of these timeless accessories. Both trendy and comfortable, its net, placed at the back of the head, gives a very pleasant feeling of freshness in the summer thanks to constant ventilation. Try it and you'll love it!

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