Les dix commandements du chapeau

How to wear your hat in style

  1. Never handle your hat by the crown. This leaves fingerprints and breaks down the fabric. Always take a hat by the brim, and adjust it on your head by holding it by the front and back of the brim
  2. The safest place to keep your hat is on your head
  3. When you take it off, place it upside down on her crown. Otherwise it will lose its shape
  4. Never leave your hat in a hot car, or on a radiator, or next to any heat source. Otherwise it will shrink
  5. For the same reason mentioned above, if you are in the rain and your hat gets wet, let it dry slowly
  6. Never put hats on top of each other. This may damage them due to the difference in size between the hats
  7. Clean it once a week with a brush (counterclockwise for a felt hat). Alternatively, you can steam it to help the hair to come back. When it starts to become dusty, it is advisable to have it cleaned by a professional
  8. If you lend your hat to someone, present it to them upside down. Otherwise, if he or she is not careful, he or she is likely to put his or her hat on backwards. This is bad luck as well as being bad looking
  9. When you meet a woman, tip your hat towards her
  10. Take off your hat if you sit at a table to eat. Leave it on if you are at the counter.