Handling your hat

How to handle your hat properly?

The lifespan of your hat depends on its use. Here are a few simple rules to extend the life of your headgear :


  • Touching the hat with dirty, oily or sweaty hands is the worst way to damage your hat.


  • Taking your hat from underneathHold it by the front and back edge to preserve the shape and all the edges of the hat.
  • Once your hair's mussed, put the hat on a marotte or a hat stand in order to maintain its shape.


  • Put your hat on any flat surface, especially if your hat has a lowered brim.

A few tips:

  • In order to preserve the edges of your fedora hat, you have to pull them up, just like when you bought it.
  • If your hat is of the traveller type (with the edges down), put your hat on the cap so as not to damage the edges.
  • In most cases, place your hat on a clean surface and on the crown.