comment bien conserver son chapeau

Tips on handling hats :

The secret of a hat that lasts a long time lies in its handling.

  • Never handle it with dirty hands (especially greasy hands). Indeed, it is a good way to damage it quickly by leaving stains on it
  • Always hold your hat by the bottom, front and back of the brim to maintain its shape.
  • The hat rack is the ideal support to maintain the shape of your hat. It also allows for good maintenance and makes it easier to hold.
  • If you don't have a hat rack, avoid placing your headgear on flat surfaces, especially if they have a curved edge.
  • Avoid hanging your hat on a coat rack, otherwise you may find your hat with a bump.
  • Similarly, we advise you to roll up the edges of the hat when you put it on to avoid deforming it. Or if necessary, you can let it rest upside down (on its cap) If we take the example of trilby hats with the front edges down, it is best to keep them on the cap to avoid having a hat with a deformed front part. The deformed parts are often due to poor preservation and it is sometimes impossible to straighten them.

With these instructions, you can keep your hat in good condition and it will remain as beautiful as it was in its early days.

We invite you to download the white paper on hat care