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More than 5,000 hats online :

The Traclet hat shop offers you a large choice of models of hats and fashion accessories available for sale online. Our online shop offers more than 5000 hats in various shapes and textures

It is also possible to make special or custom hats. For more information, please contact us.

Non-exhaustive list of all available products :

Hats for women :

Hats: felt, straw, fabric, andalou, amazon, bibi, breton, bell, beret, trotter, toque, capeline, Borsalino, western hats, sewing, creation, fashion, classic, ceremony, wedding, veil, fancy, tramp, cap, fashion, sport, city, folk...

Miscellaneous : cap, bonnet, cap, beret, toque, fur, headband, visor, mantilla, turban... Gloves : leather, skin, city and sport (kid, lamb, peccary, ...), ISOTONER gloves, fantasy, fashion (chenille, wool, angora, lycra, all colours...) ceremonial gloves, satin, lace, crochet, net tulle, lycra... (short, half-long, long, very long gloves), mittens, driving gloves,...

Hats for men :

Caps : Irish, French ( TORPEDO, ...), Corsica, Italian (Borsalino), American, Norwegian, English, felt, 100% cashmere, wool, loden, alcantara, leather, raincoat, straw, baseball, Kangol, retro, work cap, southern cap, northern cap, sailor's cap, Sherlock Holmes, petanque, gavroche, official cap (Police, aviation, hunting guard, driver,...)

Hats: wool felt, hair felt, alcantara, Borsalino, Stetson, Mossant; Flechet, Australian, western, Provencal, Camargue, Andalusian, Auvergne, English, classic, melon, gibus, slap hat, top hat, Indiana Jones, Canadian Mounties, leather, fabric hats, foldable, raincoat, straw hats, colonial, Panama, canoeist, garden, city, ceremony, sport,..

Berets: Basque ( 9 1/2 inches; 10 inches; 10 1/2 inches ), Kangol beret, alpine hunter, legion, parachutist, U.N., .... Cap : sailor, Kangol ski, Peruvian, Kangol, night cap, fashion, classic, PIPOLAKI, ..

Miscellaneous: Chapka, cap, toque, fashion bob, safari bob, classic bob, sombrero, kepi. Gloves: leather and skin (lamb, peccary, sheep, ...), French manufacture (Millau), import, city gloves, sports gloves, driving gloves, mittens, ceremonial and/or service gloves (white, grey, black cotton), wool, wool and skin, ..

Fashion accessories for women and men :

bag, clutch, scarf, scarf, stole, shawl, umbrella, parasol, hat pin, flower, feather, fan, hat box, braces, ties, umbrella (ISOTONER; NEYRAT PEYRONIE; PIGAGNIOL), ballerina, scarf, scarf, pocket or buttonhole badges, all official decorations, bow tie, taillole, belt. ...

Clothing and accessories for the GENDARMERY :

Kepi, epaulette, decoration, shirt; shirt, pants, shoes, sweater....