Harris Tweed hat

Harris Tweed 

Made on the British Hebrides by island farmers, harris tweed was the fabric of warmth and comfort. In a variety of patterns and colors, harris tweed is the fabric of all times. 

Come and discover our wide selection of harris tweed chef covers. 

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The harris tweed: back to the taste of the day

We remind you that harris tweed is not a material. Indeed, the material is tweed. What we call "Harris" is the shape given to the tweed, you will notice that the shape looks like an arrowhead. This shape gives depth and relief to the garment.
In addition to this, the weaving of 2 or 3 strands of wool that are twisted give a discreet colour effect to the garment

In those days harris tweed was worn by farmers, and it had even become a currency for barter. Then, harris tweed became a material carried by the bourgeoisie. Indeed, harris tweed was worn by gentlemen on their weekends in the country

It was in 1950 that tweed harris became popular and therefore more visible in the city, worn as a sports jacket with grey trousers. The harris tweed was worn by everyone. Impossible not to succumb to it, quite the contrary

Nowadays, you will notice that no matter how old the man or woman you see in front of you is, he/she may be wearing a harris tweed garment.
Most often it is men's suits that are made of harris tweed. But also headgear, and yes, of course!

The Harris Tweed Chef's Hat

Do you have the memory of your grandfather with a cap?

These caps are most often tweed harris caps, and you can be assured that they have been screwed on their heads for years

Then if you choose a tweed harris chef's blanket, you can be sure that you won't make a mistake. It's a chef's blanket, rest assured, that will last over time

Regardless of its shape, cap or basic hat, the harris tweed chef's blanket will keep your head warm in winter. Its thick material won't let wind or cold pass through your chef's blanket. Come and discover our entire collection of tweed harris chef's blankets

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