Rain hat - Man

The rain hat for men

The rain hat is not only for women, gentlemen, you are also entitled to this fashion accessory

Waterproof, they'll keep your head dry and match your outfits perfectly

So, the Chapellerie TRACLET thinks of you, by offering you a wide choice of rain hats.

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The rain hat for men: a must have

Gentlemen, how many times have you had to stop gardening because of a little rainfall?

With a rain hat this will no longer be the case. No more 5 minute breaks when you are in the garden because of three raindrops. Now you can continue gardening while keeping your head warm.
Thanks to its impermeability, the rain hat prevents you from having water on your head. But also perspiration, thanks to the eyelets often placed on the hat that allow you to air your head

This headgear takes up very little room in a bag or in your pocket, when hiking for example.
Waterproof rain hats are indispensable all year round, as in autumn or spring, but also during summer storms.

The rain hat for everyone

The rain hats that we offer are adaptable to all types of heads and offer you comfort during showers. You keep your head warm.
In order to protect you from the raindrops, we propose you a
large choice of hats and caps for rain
These rain hats are particularly suitable for every head, and are above all durable over time.

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