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Colonial helmet - colonial hats

Rigid cork headdress covered with canvas to protect your head from the sun and your face but also from the heat.

Towards the end of the European colonial era (first half of the 20th century) it became the hairstyle symbol of the occupant, since only Europeans wore it. It can be worn by men as well as women and children. Even missionaries used it. The colonial helmet reappears in some fashion collections; let us quote for example: the colonial helmet of Nina Ricci in 1994 in Ostrich skin but also Stetson with his colonial helmet in straw.

The first colonial helmets of the French army, usually covered in white or also ecru cloth. The latter dates from 1878; their high shape gave them the name "sugar loaf". From then on, some South East Asian armies adopted the European colonial helmet (the bodai in Vietnam and the gun knock in Thailand). The English helmet was, as the name indicates, worn by the English troops, the Tommies and the Commonwealth during the two World Wars. This model is quite pointed with small edge down all around.

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The Colonial Helmet: Its composition

These colonial helmets are authentic; they are made from the marrow of certain trees or cork.

Beware, these chef's covers are sturdy, light and waterproof but do not fold, they are perfect for any outdoor adventure.

The classic colonial hat is therefore composed of: marrow or cork from certain trees that have allowed the development of its shape and be resistant and offer excellent protection and comfort against the sun while being very light.

A bit of history on the Colonial hat

Moreover, the absorbent properties of this natural material offered the wearer of this headgear the possibility to soak his colonial helmet in water and keep his head cool during evaporation.

Once dry, the colonial helmet regains its original rigidity and shape. It is for all these reasons that the colonial helmet is and will remain an excellent choice for outdoor outings.

La Chapellerie Traclet has several colonial helmets; the company delivers in France as well as all over the world.

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