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Here you will find baseball caps and army caps in all colours and with the most important features such as UV protection and Gore-Tex, so that you are prepared for the sun, wind and rain.
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The baseball cap in America has its origin, at that time the cap was worn by baseball players. A typical baseball cap is a larger visor that protects the eyes from the sun and the absorbent headband that is sewn into the inside of the baseball cap. While playing baseball, the large visor of the cap protects you from shocks at the same time. Nowadays, baseball players no longer wear baseball caps, but they are used in uniforms, sportswear or leisure accessories .

For maximum comfort and a perfect fit baseball caps have adjustable caps attached to the back of the baseball cap. If snaps are used for this purpose, this baseball cap is called a "Snapback". Other baseball cap size adjustment systems are velcro and clip closures.

Baseball caps are often made of cotton or linen, less often of leather, straw or hemp.

Some baseball caps have a removable neck guard that attaches to the cap with a velcro closure. The neck guard, for example, prevents sunburn on the neck. In addition, baseball caps with removable neck protectors are equipped with UV filters to protect you from the sun's harmful rays.
A baseball cap can be worn both with the visor in front and with the visor at the back.

In the 70s and 80s, the baseball cap became a trend among young Europeans. Baseball caps were worn almost exclusively by young people with the visor in the back. Later on, the baseball cap replaced the beret, for example, as part of institutional uniforms. Today, the baseball cap is still popular for sports, but also as a popular leisure accessory.
From the baseball cap, the army cap or the Cuban cap have emerged. The basic shape of the cap is about the same, but the army cap is characterized by a flatter cap. The army caps are, as their name suggests, created from uniforms of various armies and are still in use today. Army caps were worn by American soldiers during the Vietnam War in their uniforms. In keeping with the military context of army caps, Cuban caps are always produced in military colors or earth tones, but of course, they are also available in other colors.
Army caps are often referred to as Cuban caps. Cuba Caps owes its name to the Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, who always wore a Cuban military uniform and the associated army cap at public events, earning them the alternative name Cuba Cap .

Cuban or army caps are mainly made of cotton or linen. Stetson also manufactures leather army caps.
Army caps are the ultimate style accessory. They go perfectly with a leather jacket or even a sporty look with jeans and a t-shirt. The wearer of an army cap is always guaranteed a cool look.
In the summer, baseball and army caps are made of lighter materials such as cotton and linen for optimal comfort. Many baseball and Cuba caps are often fitted with eyelets or rivets for better head ventilation.
Bugatti, for example, also makes warm woollen caps that are quilted for the cold seasons. Some of them are also equipped with earmuffs to protect your ears from the winter cold.

Many baseball caps and Cuba Caps are also equipped with waterproof Gore-Tex .

Of course, many baseball and army caps also have high sun protection, so that you can spend time outside in all weathers.

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