Saharan caps

Saharienne cap or Cache neck is very useful for sun protection in the neck

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saharienne - cache neck

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Neck cap or safari cap

As its name suggests, a neck cap protects the nape of the neck, but also the ears. This headgear effectively covers this area which is sensitive to the sun's heat and often forgotten on long walks.
Depending on the type of cap, the visor will be more or less long and curved. You can also find this headgear in different fabrics, such as classic cotton canvas or nylon but also materials treated against the rain.
This fabric falls back and folds down to the shoulders, or can be remounted on many models to be closer to an American cap.

Frequently used by hikers on expeditions under the blazing sun, the safari jacket offers a sporty look.

To approach your activities in the open air in complete serenity, choose a Saharan cap!

La Chapellerie Traclet offers them in a wide range of shapes, materials and colours

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