Anti uv sun hat

Whether you're on the beach or in the mountains, wearing an anti-UV hat is a great way to protect yourself from ultraviolet radiation on sunny days. Some even pair it with their swimsuit or shorts for added style. A featherweight accessory you can take everywhere with you. From the classic shape to the Fedora, not forgetting the wide-brimmed capeline, we offer UV-resistant hats for men and women up to UPF50+ (high protection). A practical reversible or folding hat offers an original touch, especially if it's striped or mint-colored. Find many models in stock at attractive prices at La Chapellerie Traclet!

UV protection sun hat collection

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UV protection hats: UV protection sun hats

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Anti-uv sun hat - sun protection hat

In summer, when the sun is shining at its brightest, it is imperative to cover your head to avoid sunstroke. Simply put on your favourite hat as soon as the sun is shining and you can go about your business. According to health experts, it is essential to cover your head, face and certain parts of your body when you are about to be exposed to the sun

That's why you need to find a sun hat that can block the sun's harmful rays and filter them out to keep your face in the shade. If you have sensitive skin that can't tolerate being exposed to the sun, it is highly recommended that you dress your head with an anti-uv hat and also protect your eyes with sunglasses.

Looking for a foldable, reversible product? La Chapellerie Traclet offers you to discover a wide collection of sun hats to complete your outfits with elegance, style and comfort. According to your taste and clothing style, you will find brands such as Rigon Headwear or Pacific Dorfman, which offer modern and trendy products for all ages. Headwear should above all protect the heads of all generations, from the youngest to the oldest. Our anti-uv sun hats are made of fabrics that block UV rays and absorb the harmful effects of their radiation.

The sun hat has another advantage: it allows you to dress your head elegantly by accessorizing your casual or formal attire. It's up to you to choose your style from our range of anti-uv hats. The hat then becomes a real sun protection that allows to absorb its harmful effects on our health.

The primary purpose of the sun hat is still to protect your head from the sun's rays. More and more of you are choosing to go on holidays in the sun and it is important to protect your head, neck and nape of the neck. With this in mind, we offer hats with wide brim such as traveller hats, bobs, caps with foldable neck protection and finally hats with UV protection. A good sun hat is the guarantee for a successful holiday without sunstroke.

How do you evaluate the index of a sun hat?

Evaluation of the effectiveness of hat fabrics is carried out by independent laboratories. Sun hat brands perform tests on fabrics to measure their ability to block solar ultraviolet rays. The effectiveness of the fabrics is defined by the U P F index (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) ranging from 15 to 50 +. Tilley almost systematically tests its sun hats in the laboratory. The higher the index, the greater the protection. If the fabric is recognised as having an index higher than 50, it will be certified UPF 50+ and will therefore provide you with optimum protection.

women's sun hat - men's anti uv hat

A woman's sun hat is nice but for the last few years, women have been looking for a sun protection hat with anti-UV protection. This is what many brands such as Soway, Tilley, Rigon, Dorfman Pacific... offer. Whether in a bright colour or simpler colours such as white or natural, there will be something for everyone. You will be able to wear your sun hat by letting your hair show or by tying your hair

For men, hats are no longer just fashion accessories but are also becoming anti-uv with brands such as Stetson, Crambes... And at all prices! For most of the Soway brand models, you won't need to take off your hat anymore, since they have been specially designed not to let your head sweat, while keeping your head cool

In addition to the women's sun hats, there is also the sun protection cap, which is often available with a long visor, to keep the face well away from the sun, especially at the sides. The solution is to invest in a neck cap to be protected from both front and back. Anti-uv protection has become essential for adults but also for children and babies.

Where to buy an anti-uv hat?

You can find this type of product at your hat shop or in some pharmacies. Also remember to wear glasses in addition to your hat to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays

International brands such as Rigon Headwear, Tilley emphasize on making quality products to always offer you a great protection against the harmful effects of the sun on your skin. So you can wear your most beautiful sun hat while keeping your skin protected

On our website, we offer a wide range of products specially designed to protect your skin and your head from the sun. From the trendy and practical model, to the very protective model, in a specific size, color, flashy, white or natural with the matching ribbon, a reversible hat ... The choice is yours!

Make your purchase online and take advantage of the 24h/48h delivery for products in stock!

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