Ceremonial Hats

A hat to complete your ceremonial outfit

Our beautiful formal hats are sure to be a hit at weddings, chic soirees and gala events. We offer more than 100 elegant and chic hats to complete your festive outfit.

Chapeau de Cérémonie Collection

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Wedding hats, Ceremonial hats for women and men | Chapellerie Traclet

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Ceremonial hats

Ceremonial hats are the must-have accessory for all elegant people who want to complete their evening attire!

Our formal hats are perfect for all the great events that mark your life: weddings, christenings, galas but also for parties & soirées.

We offer a large choice of headdresses for all your events, in noble and comfortable materials. Choose the haut de forme, the melon hat and the tambourine for a retro style that's both elegant and original, or opt instead for the naturalness of astraw hat. Our bandeaux and Head band will structure your hair for a trendy, sophisticated look with your wedding dress.

Our ceremony hats are suitable for all budgets: from the Cecilia straw capeline at €19.00 to the claque hat at €650.00.

If you don't find what you're looking for in our selection, please don't hesitate to contact us.

A capeline is perfectly suited for a ceremony , the wedding capeline is therefore perfect for special occasions as well as for your dressy evenings - The black felt capeline is perfect for these occasions but also in cold weather.

The capelines a hat for a ceremony:

This hat is the chic hat for a wedding ceremony and is perfect for a woman

The headband a practical head covering choice for a wedding

This chef's hat keeps your hair in place

The wedding hat: the must-have accessory for the most sophisticated outfit

You've been invited to a wedding? Would you like to add a refined touch to your outfitthrough a variety of accessories? Opt for aceremonial hat! Bibi, capeline, canotier, Chapellerie Traclet offers a wide choice of hats to wear on a special occasion.

A wide variety of designs and materials for your wedding hat

The wedding hat comes in an infinite variety of styles. From classic cuts to the most surprising designs, you'll be spoilt for choice! Looking for a more sober style? Opt forthe simplicity of a black, white or beige bowler hat or cap. If, on the other hand, you want an original hat, let yourself be tempted by a bibi embellished with various accessories (flowers, feathers, tulle, organza). Whether the ceremony takes place in winter or summer, you'll have the opportunity to wear an elegant wedding hat. Indeed, we offer models in wool feltand others designed in lighter materials like straw, satin, sisal or silk.

Wedding hats: a wide range of colors

In addition to the variety of designs, you'll also enjoy a vast choice of colors. So it's easy to find the wedding hat to match your dress or suit! A man will naturally be drawn to a sober-colored model likeblack, navy blue, beige, champagne or white. A woman may more easily dare bright colors such as pink, red, fuchsia or burgundy. For chic style and a touch of whimsy, opt for a straw hat (boater or floppy hat type) decorated with a bow, feather or flower in ivory, pink or orange. Either way, you'll be spoilt for choice.

How to choose a hat for a ceremony

La Chapellerie Traclet has a vast selection of ceremony hats. Are you hesitating between the original style of the bibi or the sobriety of the calot? Colors, designs, accessories; take advantage of our advice to choose your wedding hat.

A wedding hat to match your outfit

Before selecting your wedding hat, start by choosing your outfit. It will be easier to make your choice based on the style and color of your wedding dress, ensemble or shoes. Indeed, if you're planning to wear a pink or ivory dress, opt for a matching hat. This could just as easily be a straw model adorned with a bow, feather or colorful organza veil, as a black cap or veil for simplicity. Likewise, depending on the style of dress or outfit you'll be wearing, you'll have the option of opting for original designs like the bibi.

To each season its wedding hat

A wedding planned for winter? To cover your hair in style, opt fora wool felt ceremony hat. A satin top hat, trilby or fedora will suit a woman as well as a man. For summer, go for lightweight materials. A straw hat will be the ideal solution to guarantee maximum comfort in hot weather. You'll love the elegance of a straw hat embellished with an ivory tulle bow. Straw models come in a variety of sophisticated designs. Finally, you'll be charmed by the originality of a hat made from sisal, items crafted from a natural material.

A vast selection of formal hats

An event to celebrate? Winter or summer, you can add a touch of whimsy to your outfit with a timeless accessory: the ceremonial hat. Chapellerie Traclet offersa wide choice of models for men, women and children.

Wedding hats for women: a varied choice of shapes and colors for brides

Are you looking for a women's hat to wear on a special occasion? Take advantage of a vast collection of formal hats and find one that matches your style. Our models come in different colors (black, white, ivory, pink, red, orange, and many other options.) and in different materials (woolen cap, straw, satin, sisal, etc.) to suit all outfits and hairstyles (chignon, ponytail...). If you want to add a touch of whimsy to your outfit, choose a bibi decorated with wool felt curls and feathers or a knot... All matching the color of your dress, for an elegant and refined style! Straight or sideways wedding hat according to your preferences and face morphology, vigneronne headdress for a themed wedding.

What hat to choose for a man?

Guest to a ceremony, would you like to buy a man's hat? We offer a varied choice of models at the best prices. Satin top hat, Derby or black and white wool felt bowler hat, you'll have the choice of several materials and designs depending on the version you choose. For winter or summer, you'll find elegant and comfortable ceremonial hats in linen, straw or wool felt.

Discover our wedding hats for children


We also offer a wide selection of children's hats. A black and white straw trilby will be the perfect option for a young boy. Looking for a hat to match your little girl's dress? Go for a pretty straw canotier topped with a pink flower or colorful bow. Quality products (cut, sewn) for all budgets, some of which are 100% French-made.

In addition to our many hats, take advantage of a selection of trendy accessories to sublimate your hairstyle. Tulle clip, veil, headband bibi to hold your hair and other items to put in your basket... Whether you're the bride or not, get ready to catch the eye!

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